Best Power Cord with CD Player-

McCormack DP2--matched with Conrad Johnson (power amp and pre), power conditioner, and Vandersteen Quatros--Question: have not found a power cord to tame down some of the "brightness" I find in system-my current mix of power cords are just too much for CD player or Phono-they are fine for Pre or Power Amp, but with CD Player they clamp down pretty much on the sound---I simply want a nice cord that is clear, clean but takes some of the "edge" off--not dumbing down the sound or blurring distinctions---but some finesse. I am sure somebody out there has plenty of opinions--
In my experience, the Cardas Reference really tamed the top end on an Arcam Alpha 9. It was not a particularly good cord on my integrated amp (did not do much for the dynamics, unlike something like a TG Audio cord) but it was lovely on the CDP.

I don't believe in fixing problems with cables and tweaks (And tubes). Its just too hard to get right. Think of it like buying an EQ with only 1 setting and you don't know what that setting is until you try it. Also, cables that make a big change or have that wow factor almost always reveal big weaknesses over time. Power Cords are even more difficult. Unlike speaker cables and interconnect, the effects of a powercord can be much more random from system to system.

There are a few things you may want to try. Vandersteen speakers are very detailed and revealing. I forget if the Quatros have this feature on not, but Vandersteens usually have an adjustment for treble and mids on the back of the crossover. If you back off the highs about 1/2 db, that might be enough to fix the issue. Any more than that, though, makes the speaker not sound right.

JPS makes a cable just for digital products. Its not that expensive either (About $300-$400 if I remember). I used one when I bought a cheap Sony DVD/SACD player to try DSD. Digital products that are not well designed tend to inject a lot of noise into the system. The Sony made all my other sources sound bad just because it was on and hooked up to the system. That said, you shouldn't have that type of problem with the McCormack; but it is a possibility. I would definitely recommend that you unplug anything in the system that you are not using when you are listening to the McCormack. I don't know what other components you have in the system but maybe its one of those.

If you haven't already done so, try the stock power cord. On my Ayre amps, they are the best sounding, by far. Also, if you haven't already done so, it try the Vandersteen biwired; not an internal biwire, but 2 separate runs of speaker cables. That makes a big difference. I couldn't believe it when I first tried it on my Vandersteens; its almost like a component upgrade. You don't have to get anything too expensive either.

I hope this info helps. One way or another, you should be able to deal with this issue. Also, (as you may have already guessed), I recommend you try other products besides power cords. I'm in a hurry and typing very fast, so if I was not clear on anything, just post and I'll see if I can help.
What does your current mix of cords consist of?
In my experience the original power cord that was selected by the engineer that designed the CD player works the best.
Hi Jafant,

Good advise ! Do I need to totally disconnect the other components? IC's and power cords from the system?

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Any progress?
I really like the BMI Hammerhead Gold mk5 over many that I have tried.
I also like Audience with CD players. I believe that the included power cord is usually not one selected by or designed by the engineers.
My vote is for the MAC (My Audio Cables) HC Power cord. It has helped out tremendously on the CDPs I've used them with and they won't break the bank. I think MAC also now has Source power cords that are an improvement on the HC Power cord.

Looking at your post, it looks like you may have been responding to my post, not Jafant's. I just missed it until now. If it was my post, than No, you don't have to unplug the IC's. Just turn off and unplug any components in the system that you are not using. If you do have an offending component, you should be able to hear it right away. If you are not sure or undecided, there is probably nothing to worry about. Don't obsess over it.Its not an issue in most systems. Its free and easy to try so thats why I recommended it.