best power cord to use with Jadis JA-80 and JPL

I just upgrade my whole system. I am looking for power cord which will be best for my Ja-80 power amp and JPL preamp.
you should check out the Granite audio #560 and #555 powercords .they would work wonderful with your can see them on our showcase on audiogon or at ... check out the reviews on --- also check out our current auction for the #560 on audiogon ...
That's an excellent upgrade with those pieces of equipment! I probably won't be of much help, as the power cords I use (Full Spectrum) are no longer made, but I will note that the Jadis equipment does benefit from a good power cord. I think one of the Top Gun or better ones out there would be an improvement over stock. I'd warn you of one more thing, which is to check the polarity on your amps and preamp; my JA 80s are both inverted polarity, meaning I have to use a cheater plug and reverse the prongs for it to sound at its best. Jadis equipment does not seem to be built to a standard polarity, so check with a Namiki, Elfin or your ears to see which way it sounds best.