Best power cord to use with a Krell preamp.

I'm using Krell equipment with a pair of B&W N 802s, and using Synergistic Research cables throughout. However I'm dissatisfied with my power cord selection, which is thier AC Master Coupler. I've also tried thier Reference AC Master Coupler. Although it seams to open the sound stage I loose inner details and well as dynamics. Any suggestions?
Esoteric Audio Reference Power Cord and a dedicated line, of course. Just my .02
Tara Labs The One AC cable works wonders with the KPS-25sc and KCT.
I used to have a Krell KRC 3 and I remember one of the best power cords that I used on it was the NBS Statement PC MK1, they occasionally pop around here at Agon for around $600.
I use the BMI Whale Elite mk.1 power cables on my Krell 300S amp and KBL preamp. It's a perfect match giving depth and big bass out of my Thiels 5i's.
It's good to see you are receiving replies to this thread. Not to start trouble but I can recall a time when if this question were asked, the answer most often read would be:

No cord at sounds better without one!

With my Krell gear, I had the best luck with a first generation ElectraGlide FatBoy - copper plug, silver conductors. For some reason, the early FatBoys were particularly good on solid state. The newer FatBoys are very good nonetheless.

If you are looking for inner detail and macro dynamics - Electraglide should be on your VERY short list. If you can afford the FatMan K - it's an awesome power cord!