Best power cord/integrated amp for Meridian 508...

Need to purchase a power cord for my 508.20 and wondering if
anyone has experimented with different cords. This will be my first power cord purchase and obviously do not want to spend more than is necessary. Also, am using a Creek 4330 temporarily and want to match the 508 with something a little less dry, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

All things in audio come down to $$$; so what is your limit?

I am a fan fan of LAT International wires, but I tried their AC-2 power cord on my 508.24 and the difference was very minimal; thissame power cord made a huge difference on an amp I was using once.

I also have a LAT AC-2 on my Levinson 383, but I haven't experimented back-and-forth with the stock cord yet to see if it is as dramatic as with the power amp.

I will be curious to other peoples experience as well.
I use an Electraglide FatBoy soon to be upgraded to the Fatman on my 508.24. Meridian's integrated amp is a good match for the 508. I use the 557 amp and 502 pre-amp from Meridian. Steve