Best power cord for vintage McIntosh?

I have a MX110 and MC240. I'm thinking of slightly modifying the units and replacing my stock power cord with.... something. PS Audio Extreme, perhaps?

I have an after market power cord for my Sony SACD player -a big improvement. That's why I am considering this slight 'modification'.

However I'm concerned that certain power cords may be designed for powerful SS amps that draw a lot of current and may not be suitable for my McIntosh tubes.

Is this concern justified?
if your looking to put new cords on these old mac units because of saftey concerns then go as cheaply as possible maybee even go to home depot & get the goodies to make your own.

i have owned & still own a ton of mac gear & ive found that throwing cash at power cords is fruitless with vintage mac gear,if you want an upgrade you can acyually hear try some different tubes in the units.

ive put aftermarket cords on several peices of vintage mac gear because the stock cords didnt have the ground & the new cords made no difference in sound at all & i mean none,zip,nada.
a factory replacement if there is a problem, otherwise the one affixed to the unit is as good as any.
Thanks for your responses.

The guy who runs a local 'high end' store sez that I will hear a difference. He can put in a connector without damaging anything (so that I can put the original power cord back, if needed).

I think I'll give it a shot anyway!

I'll post the results here... if I rememeber, that is!