Best Power Cord for the Audio Magic Stealth

Anyone with experience using different power cords with the Audio Magic Stealth Power Conditioner? Are other cords an improvement over the stock purple colored silver cable that it comes with?
Actually, I have excellent results with the Bogdan AC cord. It is a 14 gauge 5N silver cable that probably matches very well with the Stealth's internal wiring. It certainly sounds better than my other cords connecting the Stealth to the wall which are Mapleshade, Eichmann, Virtual Dynamics and Lat International.
I suggest a forum search. There was a pretty good discussion of this not too long ago.
The best PC for the Magic box, is one that bypasses it
and connects your system directly to a wall outlet
on a dedicated 20 amp circuit with good in the wall
wiring and grounding.
Kana, still angry? I know you've had a poor experience with the "Magic" box, but, hey, the magic works for me, and others. Remember, it's very dependent on your electic and its' mystical properties. I use the Lat International power cords, btw, and am very happy. peace, warren
Warrenh- no anger involved here. I just think it's ridiculous to spend $1700. or $2700. as you did on an power conditioner and then have to upgrade the power cord to get it to perform properly.

If you have AC power problems, the first thing you should do is fix/upgrade what's behind the wall outlet.

Take a look at
With no effort to engage in a AM pro or con argument, Kana, the exact same could be said for a wide variety of components, including mega-buck amplifiers. Heck, with the cost of some, they should cleanly power themselves without a cord.

I have to agree with Warren in respect to the fact that what does not work for some WILL work for others. Any of us could look at the system of others, pick out a component, say a phono stage for instance, know from experience that it wouldn't cut mustard in our system, and reject it out of hand. But that wouldn't be fair.

I will agree with the need for "wall and behind" improvements. I did install a dedicated line to good effect. And, the very BEST upgrade I have over done in audio on a cost/improvement ratio basis was to install a $40 cryoed Hubbell outlet. Amazing, the difference.
I do have a dedicated line for my AM Digital. I, still, have dedicated garbage to deal with. It's great without the AM and better with. I don't believe (I know many disagree) killer power cords are necessary with the Audio Magic power conditioners. I find that the Lat International cords do what they have to do, and that is: carry the current from the power conditioner to the source. AND, not to add or subtract anything. I am a tough sell. The AM Matrix and Stealth Mini Digital, more than deliver the goods. peace, warren
4yanx: Did the "dedicated thing" almost 10-years ago. Did the job myself. The box was only 10-ft away. Installed a 20-Amp GE industrial breaker. Ran 12 gauge silver-copper/teflon control wire that I bought at a surplus house. Installed Hubbell 8300 hospital outlets. Sonics: More bass foundation, blacker background. Better than any power cord upgrade I have yet to hear!