Best power cord for Subwoofer?

I have a SVS PB13 Ultra and I am running an Active Shielded Synergistic Research AC Master Coupler Subwoofer cord on it now but I want to upgrade it. My rca is a S.R Phase II Active....The rest of my cords have been upgraded to the S.R Tesla Series..... Any thoughts....

I am using the Siltech cord now being closed out for $60 for one meter[$90 for 2 m] on my REL Stadium 11 and found it a considerable improvement over the stock cord and a much larger and more expensive XLO. But the rest of your cables would probably reject such a cheapie out of hand.
Any thoughts....

Why do you feel the need to get a different power cord ?

What do you think a different power cord will do that this one isn't ?

What do you think is missing with the current one ?
I too have a SVS Ultra. I have tried a lot of PCs, and really like the Tek Line Cables microRefence. He advertises here
Since you already have Synergistic Tesla series cables, go for the T3. That is what I did and it was a big improvment over a few others I tired. Demo it first through The Cable Company.
To Joeyboynj: I think I will take my T3 from my amp and put it on my sub. seconded that notion also from Ryan at S.R.
I'll put the Precision AC on my amp, and put a T2 on my QLS. ALSO: I do have some pics for you of the QLS. I'll send later tonight...
ALSO: is the Reference Sub cord the Tesla series??

Barcardi, A T2 on your QLS? Is the QLS running your whole system? If it is, the T2 may constrict because it is designed as a source power cord and not for high power applications. The best PC to place between the wall and a power conditioner in a full Tesla system is the Precision AC as you already have it. Put the T2 on your amp and T3 on the sub and then switch them just to make sure you like it.

Also, Synergistic makes a Tesla Reference Sub cable as well. It will say Tesla on it. Go to The Cable Company website and take a look of the list of items they sell for Synergistic. It's easy to compare names.
I am using 2 runs of Tesla Reference Sub cable on my sub and also have a T-3 PC on it. Sounds really nice in my all- SR system (it better, for what it costs!!)
To Joeyboynj: S.R specified the T2 on my QLS. It's purpose is for the couplers to plug into it. The Powercell is a supercharged conditioner for your power cords to plug into. The QLS serves its purpose as the Quattro but the QLS is quantum tunneled which exceeds better sound quality.

Barcardi, what Synergistic is saying is to only use the QLS on active MPC adaptors. Not the whole system. Also, Synergistic mentions that the QLS was created for Tesla actively shielded systems that decided not to go the upgraded route of a quattro. The quattro is currently the top of the line, since the Enigma is all sold out. Ted has mentioned in another tread that they may be working on another model with tubes in the future.
Joeyboynj: I had got rid of my PS Audio Quintescence for the QLS, I was told it is better than the Quattro and the PS Audio. I still need to purchase the Powercell 10SE for the power cords. Yes....What I hear is the next best to the Quattro is the "Transporter".....I don't know any more......Due out next year, spring or summer...

PS Audio Statement SC has the most rock-solid bass I've ever heard of any power cable. I must have tried about 10.
I compared a PS Audio Statement SC vs a Synergistic T3 on my Rel subwoofer. The T3 was much better. Deeper more accurate bass, better reverb times and resolution. PS Audio PC's are no slouch on subs, I use one on my HT system sub. But the T3 is more musical and 3 dimentional and mates perfectly with a all Tesla cable system.
I just connected a Synergistic T3 to my Wilson Sub. The combination is excellent. Similar findings as Joeyboynj had. I also now have a complete Synergitic Tesla cables system.
I am wondering the same thing. I have one PS Audio Prelude SC powercord and 2 subs... I am wondering if I should get another Prelude or buy two SignalCable Magic PC's... They are both 10ga, but I am not sure if one is better than the other...

Anyone have any recommendations? (My subs are 2 HSU ULS-15)