Best Power Cord for Sims amps.

I have a new Titan (Big as a house) 5 channel amp and would like to add a high quality power. Has anyone experimented and found success? I would like to keep it under $600.00. By the way, I am very excited about this amp.
used to think you were an alright sort, but your Titan
ownership puts you on the "until i can get my amp too, i
don't like him anymore" list. sorry, i just cannot cope
with this much envy. a ferrari or yacht, maybe a gulfstream
and i could be happy for you but noooo....

still, sure would like to know just how far it takes your
system. let us know?
congrats on a beautiful investment. enjoy!!!
I use a JPS Labs Power AC on my Celeste 4150se, which was recommended to me by a tech at Sim. I found one on Audiogon for 225 and especially at that price it was a no brainer, although even at retail, I think the Power AC is a good buy for your Titan. I would check out the Tice power cord too. I also echo the chorus on this site for a dedicated AC line, especially for a beast like the Titan. When I plugged my amp to a shared AC line, there was a clear loss of dynamics and visceral impact. That's a shame with a Titan, because slam is a strong suit of any Sim amp. Another Sim tip is to take the manufacturer's advice and leave it on all the time. Not only does this help break-in, which is notoriously slow with Sim amps, but it really makes an audible difference in my system.
I use a Blue Circle B-62.Keeps the W-5 sounding sweet
and powerful. Does not alter rock solid imagery or detail.
About $175.00 .