Best power cord for Running Springs Audio -Haley

Where can i find more information regarding the Custom Power Cord-Top Gun? Do they have a website ?
I had the Fusion Audio Enchanter on my RSA Jaco. The Enchanter is way better than the included Mongoose... Sold the Jaco and cable..
Hello Erasto - Custom Power Cord has been out of business for several years now, and never did have a website when they were in operation. For your RSA Haley, I would try and get hold of a Synergistic Research AC MasterCoupler (Active) as a very good input cord for this unit. You should be able to find several in the used cable market for a good price.
I had great success with DCCA Reference Master on my Haley, YMMV of course so best to get a few and try them to see what sounds best to you.
I'll second the Fusion Audio Enchanter on the power conditioner, I use one on my Audio Magic Matrix.
I am using a VH Audio AirSine on my Haley with really good results.