Best Power Cord for Phono Stage

There are numerous power cords designed for digital, DACs and players alike. Does anyone know of a manufacturer that designed one like this?
Phono stages usually do not demand much current (tubes need more than transistors however), and you probably want a shielded cable to keep out RFI, as far as is possible. So with those two criteria in mind, you should be able to narrow down the possibilities, or widen them, as the case may be.
Check out JPS Labs Analog power cord
A standalone phono preamp (tube or ss) should have a separate PS to be worth its salt (with a VERY FEW expensive exceptions;--) -- and those (separate power supplies) will have RFI filtering built in.

A phono'stage' customarily refers to a built-in phono preamp section in a normal preamp or a receiver. And you have to decide how much differenc a special power cord would make in that situation.
Even with a well designed phonostage with an outboard power supply, the power cord which you use can have a rather dramatic impact on the sound. Two cords which sound very different but each of which is superb are the Bybee Millenium and the Jorma Prime. Both incorporate Bybee modules which seem to work well in this application.
Does anyone know if the Jorma Prime has a phono cable that is a straight or 90 degree DIN to XLR?
They can build anything which you want.
No such thing as a dedicated phono stage power cord IME. You have to experiment and try them out in your own system one at a time, like the rest of us do.
Sorry my question is a little off topic - was asking about the cord between the tonearm and phonostage.

Not many people make this cable, esp DIN to XLR. I think it needs to be custom made from the manufacturers like Jorma, Argento, etc.