Best power cord for McIntosh MC 501 monoblocks

I'm looking for suggestions/opinions on what power cord to use with the McIntosh MC-501 monoblocks that will bring out detail and transparency without boom or being overbloated. I presently use a pair of Acoustic Zen Gargantua II, very nice, however I'm seeking something with the characteristics described. Thanks
I am not familar with your AZ cable but you might want to try silver interconnects like Kimber's. That may work great for you.

The original poster is asking about power cords, Aball.


Mmitch7711 wrote; "suggestions/opinions on what power cord to use with the McIntosh MC-501 monoblocks that will bring out detail and transparency without boom or being overbloated."

Are you having these issues in your system right now? because these amps are not boomy or over bloated and have endless detail and transparency so there has to be another reason or reasons why if you are.

What is the rest of your associated gear, size of room etc.
I had very good results with Harmonix x-dc studio master on my ma2275. Switched out from the Shunyata alpha and found the harmonix to sound more detailed and and livlier.
I use Virtual Dynamics Master LE 2.0 power cord with my MC501 and got incredible result. It is better than an amplifier upgrade and has all the characters you described, music sound more organic overall. I have tried different brands of power cords including different lines of power cord from Virtual Dynamics, so far the Master LE is the best that I've heard by a huge margin. Now I have stopped looking and just enjoying my music.
My room size is a small 17 X 13 associated equipment
Esoteric P70 D70 Powercords Nordost Valhallas
Pre amp Cary SLP-05 powercord Kimber Palladian
McIntosh 501 powercords Acoustic Zen Gargantuan II
Speakers Von Schweikert VR5SE
MIT Oracle Speaker cables
Valhalla digitals
Mit Oracle MA interconnects
Stealth Indra interconnects

Not saying my system is bloated or boomy, I'm looking for the best PC for these amps trying to sweeten the sound a bit. I'm always searching for the ultimate match. I have considering changing one of the Valhallas to maybe a Stealth Dream or Elrod Statement. looking for advice from someone out there with expereince in powercords. Thanks

Mmitch7711, that's great to hear that you don't have those issues. You have some great gear and I'm sure it sounds marvelous! Where do live because the best way would be to try some cables and find out which ones are to your liking along with seeing if a synergy happens prior to buying if possible.

My recommendations, you spoke of one Stealth Dream, if I was you I would pick-up the pair for sale right now on Gon.

Purist 20th Aver. and Virtual Dynamic Revelation

I have allot of VD cables, but the Stealth is even better but again system dependant.

Stealth has three different Dream power cords and I would be saying good by to Esoteric P70 D70 and Cary SLP-05 power cords.

Oh yeah almost forgot Valhalla digital cables Stealth Sextet all the way, make sure you get the latest because there are some for sale on Gon but older models that you don't want.
Oops..sorry about my original post. Have you tried the high end MIT PCs? Seeing what cables you already have, MIT might be logical for the power cord too.

Regarding the Sextet digital and what I said "make sure you get the latest because there are some for sale on Gon but older models that you don't want."

I checked the ads and the one person selling them new should be the current version and has two, ask for the serial number and contact Stealth to confirm.
Dev Thanks for your input

I will look into purchasing the Dreams as soon as I check my bank account. There's quite a bit of money involved with your suggestions. I believe this will be my absolute last purchase for cables. I have went through quite a few in the past couple of years.Living in Wichita KS has to be the worst location for highend audio. It's difficult trying to find that almost perfect synergistic match without not being able to audition.

I do like the Kimber PK10 Palladian though. The Nordost digitals produce a tinnier or edgy sound. When able I will go to the Stealth Sextet as you and another audiophile I've been in discussion with have recommended.

Will also give some thought towards the Nordost Valhalla Power Cord. It's not a bad cord, I just don't know if using two in my digital chain is wise.
mac amps generally disappear in the chain. sounds more like a room/speaker adjustment
You don't need any more hardware upgrade just move the system out of that small room to a bigger one or down size your equipments.