Best power cord for McCormack DNA-2

Any suggestion on what might be the best replacement cord for A McCormack DNA-2?
I've used Syn. Res. Master Coupler for about 6 months now with excellent results on my DNA-2DX. Of course you know that it takes a 20 amp plug on the amp end. I had to special order the SR-MC, and before I did, I had a chance to audtion the Shunyata Sidewinder in 20 amp. The Sidewinder had some good characteristics but I preferred the neutrality of the SR-MC. Happy Hunting. Craig.
I've used the Audioquest AC-12 with good results & I just purchased a Synergistic Research Master Reference Coupler for my McCormack DNA-2 standard model which is being updated to Deluxe at McCormack right now. I will let you know how S.R. cord performs when I receive my amp. Happy New Year.
I received my amp back from McCormack (excellent repair service) & hooked up the Synergistic Research Master Reference Coupler & it's excellent compared to Audioquest which still worked well but the much more costly Synergistic cable is well worth the money. Good Luck & Happy Listening, Don
Custom Power Top Gun HCFI works nicely with McCormack. Heavy #8 gauge highly filtered & shielded cord; plug directly into ACline, as an AC conditioner is redundant & hurts the sound in my experience. Very quiet too. $800 list but available from Chicago's Music Direct for about $575; check their ads in Stereophile.
I have the Revision A Gold DNA 1 and have found the Shinyata Sidewinder to sound the best. Way more color and presence.
For what it's worth, I tried the following with my DNA-125 and bought the Acoustic Zen: Sidewinder, Granite Audio, Silver Audio Power Burst (very close second). By the way SteveMcCormack reccommends the sidewinder and the Acoustic Zen.
You should try MIT II, I'm using one on a classe ca200, it beat out SR master and Eel reference. I also own these cords, the SR works best on my frontend. I've got dedicated 20 amp lines and no noise problems but the MIT really improves things, especially with regard to imaging. The mit will sell quickly also if you don't like - you might be surprised, I was. good luck.