Best power cord for Levinson No. 39?

Has anyone had any experience with power cords for a No.39?
I have a Whale power cable and it works excellent with the ML-39 CD player. The Whale gave it more detail, tighter bass and depth. Plus a dead silent background and made everything quieter.
i have also ml 39 and tried whale cable its good but fimgold its very best now i sold my whale cable.
Just curious Mr. Coconut.. When did you own a WHALE? I don't have you in my records..

Thank you

I had good results when I used the Nordost El Dorado with
the 39.
Mr. BMI..I think Mr. Coconut has a little to much nut in his coco and his email address is a little fishy. There's no such thing is Recently there has been many positie feedbacks on Mr. BMI Whales and with like must good products, there are a few individual who get's a kick out of slamming a quality product. I own a Whale PC and it did wonders to my system.

I oen a 335 and a 39 and I use all harmonic technology cables and power cords. I was using transparent but I tried the harmonics and they sounded more open and very neutral which is what I like. You dont want a cable that will add or take away from your sound. good luck
Hi Nick. Thank you for the support. I enjoyed serving you, and all my class A+ customers. There is no sign of any Mr. Coconut in BMI's customer's records.
Have an excllent weekend Nick and enjoy the Music.

I attached a response from another great BMI customer about Mr. Coconut's reply. Here it is.....

Hi Brian: I think that Mr. may have the Whale Elite confused with the Snail Elite (which is a cheap knockoff being manufactured in Shrilanka:-).