best power cord for digital switching amp

I need a power cord for my digital amp Dac 4800. I would like to stay under 800 used. So far I have synergistic research designer reference, acoustic zen gargantua, and elrod eps 3, any other suggestions would be helpful.
just get a cheap fully shielded cord like Belden makes. You can find ready made cords, or end your own. Cost is minimal.
You probably want something with a warmer sonic signature. Most digital amps are a little on the cool side. A Synergistic Hologram A or D might do nicely. The Bybee Supercord is a proven winner with digital. If you are on a budget, the Kaplan H.E. is quite nice for the money. I am a dealer for all three, just so you know. But I am a dealer because I LIKE these cables, and have heard many others.
I have tried Cardas Cross and Shunyata Taipen with my Bel Canto Ref 1000. The cardas muddied up everything but its not there better cable. I like the Shunyata and am leaning towards keeping it. It is also at low a price due to being discontinued. Like you I would like some help with what is working with others.
There is no best.

Select a few to try and listen for yourself. Decide which you prefer.

I suggest buying used, and buying cords that are popular and in demand. Doing so will limit your losses as you resell the cords that came in second and third.
There is special power cord made specifically for powerful switching amplifiers by Spectron Audio. See - Thunder - not expensive, about $600 and FANTASTIC!

Good Luck in Your Search
P.S. Elrod Silver is probably better but cost $2,900
You can get 98% there with a cheapo Belden. The important thing, regardless of price is that the power cable is fully shielded. The Belden is shielded with both woven and sheet aluminum.