best power cord for Capitole 24/192

I am looking for a power cord for my Audio Aero Cap 24/192.
Anyone have experience with this player and what power cord really makes it sing?
I owned first an AA Capitole 24/192 and then a Capitole Reference SE. On both the players I have used, with great satisfaction, a Virtual Dynamics Revelation series 1 power cord. Very good result, also, with a V.D. Master but the Revelation is clearly better, if you are willing to bear the higher cost.
Ciao from Italy
I had the Cap MkIIse and also used the VD master with excellent results, but that was 2+ years ago.
Thanks,I am using an Annaconda Helix, and so far so good.
I tried various VX versions but to my ears the non VX has the better sound with this player.Just curious about other succesful combos.
Thanks to all who have responded.
After trying several different cords on my AA Capitol 24/192, I’ve settled on the DCCA Reference One (at least for now). Very resolving cord and to my ears makes an already analog sounding CDP sound a little more analog.
I use a Cardas Gold Reference PC with my 24/192 with good results.
I am using a Shunyata Annaconda VX and really like what I am hearing----