Best Power Cord for a Classe CA 2300

....without getting into all of this and all of that about power cords......opinions on the best power cord for this amp ! Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you
There is no definitive "best" of anything. There are way too many variables involved. The "best" you can hope for is to find something that works well in your system. You can then say it's the "best" for you until you find something you think is better !!!!
Tpreaves - did you even read my thread before you went off on your usual rant here on Audiogon ???? ....I said without getting into all of this and that about power cords....this isn't my first rodeo and blah, blah about being the best in one is not good in another, that's been well played out here on Audiogon...all I wanted was a couple of ideas....once again, you added nothing to the op thread. So, do YOU have any ideas on some good power cords for Classe amps ????...and I WILL take it from there.
Are we talking "price no object" here or do you have a budget?
Stop bitching about someone offering advice Garebear.
Suggest you take a damn chill pill.
You asked the damn stupid question, when you get a stupid answer, don't get your panties all bunched up!!!

So, aside from telling you off for being a a hole...

Two issues:
One, a person would need to know your desires from the setup. Are you looking for:
More bass? (less bass)
Greater clarity?
Smoother sound?
better dynamic bite?
More accurate tonal balance?
Warmer sound?

Different cords offer different subtle variations, and knowing what sort of variation YOU want matters.
Since the only useful cord i have tried was Pangea, I can say it would offer more bass, a slight increase in clarity.

Secondly I agree with TPreaves, The number of actual people who own the unit you are asking about, number at most in the thousands.. Of those perhaps a few hundred bother with a power cord, then of those maybe thirty actually tested more than two cords.. And of those twenty in the world who also speak English, One might bother to respond if they knew you were asking.. and you expect them to be here, in the recent few days?
Hmm, yeah right.
By the way, good luck.

Feel free to gnash your teeth, foam at the mouth, and write a scathing response to me too. i am certain it will be as hilarious a hit as your first one to TPreaves was.
Thank you Ms. Elizabeth for responding to my stupid question....I'm glad that it humoured you. The point of my question has been missed and that is my fault as I should know better than that on this site. However, after 37 years of being in this hobby, I may have grown a little lazy and apathetical to all of this. I digress ....All I was looking for was for some ideas as to a good power cord for this amp .....and I would go from there. I have all Purist Audio Limited 1's right now and was just wondering who else was out that that would have something for this amp that would match well with it. ( Elrods ??? ) As I said, it's my own fault as I see enough responses here on this site by members who constantly answer every thread and offer nothing to the poster's concern or origional question. Like your response Ms. Elizabeth....well, do you have any particular favorites to answer my stupid question ????
Since you STILL have not mentioned what you are looking for in another cord.. ANY answer is worthless.

Perhaps if you sqeezed you buttocks a little harder, and offered a bit MORE info about what you actually want in a powercord different than what you have.. Endless noodling between member here might not be occuring.

And bragging about how many years you have been diddling with audio stuff proves you STILL do not have a clue as to what you actually want.
If you KNEW what change in the sound you sought, you would have TOLD us. As is, all you want is some Las Vegas crapshoot different, which by magic, will also happen to please you.
That only happens in fairytails.
So, you want more bass, greater clarity .etc. try to write it in your own words..

Write the damn essy: "What I want from a new powercord on my Classe CA2300"
and then a few paragraphs of whatever the Hell you actually WANT from a new powercord.

If you cannot answer that. then you are just blowing a lot of hot air.
Damn E, calm your silly self down ya hipocrite.
Yeah I am full of it all right. i just did not like the way the op got on Tpreaves case.
So I got carried away.. LOL
The op still seems to need an enima to clear out the crap he is spouting so he can actually ask the question in a way so someone will answer it.
But in my own wonderful and terrible brash nasty way I probably chased him away forever...
Thank you Ms. Elizabeth for your response and time in answering my question. I had noted that it was a mistake in putting a very general question out there on this forum, and that I should have known better. I also noted that I was just looking for a few ideas from other Audiogon members where I could do a little research and listening on my own to make an informed decision on what cable was best for my amp. It is sad to see where you felt a need to take this to a whole different level and receive some sort of perverse self satisfaction ( both literally and figuratively as do seem very frustrated ) with a statement like ; ''I feel like i just gave this dude an enema.. LOL '' ....when all I was looking for was some suggestions.'s just a hobby for me and a love for music. It would seem that you may have lost that perspective. assume allot Ms. Elizabeth. It usually the ones that don't know are the ones that say. Tread lightly as your true colors are showing and you are obviously entering a battle of wits ill prepared for me
Yeah I'm bad. No getting around it. I was out of line here.
...and he huffed and he puffed and he blew...
The one that came with the amp? Just saying. Classe outta know best for their equipment.
When I purchased a Classe Twenty Five amp in the 90's, the Classe manual actually recommended an upgrade power cord. I was shocked. But they were right. I have liked Tekline cords on Classe and other amps.
I think that unfortunately, original equipment power cords are often chosen by the accountants and not the engineers.
'the Classe manual actually recommended an upgrade power cord'

I am stunned, and for once, speechless.
Funny, both being out-of-line and responding inappropriately, but still managing to shill (as usual) the Pangea powercord. Amazing.
......thanks Stan. I have been doing a little research on the Elrod Statement Gold, The Purist 25th Anniversary is also a consideration as the whole system is Purist 20th Anniversary but the 25th is beyond my bugdet like the Nordost Odlin. Looking at the Siltech's as well.....I have to say $4,000 to $5 would do it. My purpose was not to get everyone rattled with my request ...if you have any idea's let me know.
Pangea powercords are the best cords of any around. the do a fantastic job of making the bass better, and clean up the entire frequency spectrum. Best of all the are low priced, and a fantastic bargain for what they can do for any system.
Pangea power cords really made my wholes system sing. I replaced all of my IEC cords with Pangea powercords and am really happy with them
I would never bother to check out any other powercords myself, not with what i have in these Pangea cords.

I suggst forgetting about those $5000 cords and try a few Pangea.
What happened to the first commandment: "if it cost more, it's better'?
If you are a big Classe amp fan, I would consider stepping up to the CA-M300 mono blocks, and a pair of more modest power cords, such as Tekline Reference or Audience. Pangea is great for the price too.
J135 has the best answer....
09-19-12: Garebear
Tpreaves - did you even read my thread before you went off on your usual rant here on Audiogon ???? ....I said without getting into all of this and that about power cords....this isn't my first rodeo and blah, blah about being the best in one is not good in another, that's been well played out here on Audiogon...all I wanted was a couple of ideas....once again, you added nothing to the op thread. So, do YOU have any ideas on some good power cords for Classe amps ????...and I WILL take it from there.
Yes, I read your question. I said nothing at all about the this and that of power cords. What "rant" are you referring to? I do have some ideas, but they certainly aren't about power cords.
Hello Tpreaves - say it then - you responded with an answer and I called you out on it - all I wanted was some suggestions and you did not answer my question. The '' rant '' was the typical canned response that served no purpose
My sex life is way better since i started using Pangea powercords. They are the greatest thing since the invention of the wheel if you ask me.

My stereo sounded like a cheap AM clock radio before I used pangea powercords. but now, with the Pangea powercords, my setup sounds just like any $500,000 rig.

Besides giving me a better sex life, my acne cleared up, my IQ went up fifteen points too. My blood pressure returned to normal, my diabetes went away, my heart condition got better, My husband takes me out to dinner more often, and sends me flowers. My childen all call me now, and send me gifts on important holidays.. My friends all say i look way more like a moviestar..
All since i started using Pangea power cords.
Pangea, for what ails you!
I bet a Pangea powercord would cure Garebears constipation too.
....remind me not to buy any of your used Panega power cords for the fear of not knowing where they have been or what they were plugged into.
Plain, simple, to the point. You are an asshole. Good enough?
Can't we all just get along?
Tpreaves.. I would say the op is a 'prig', and full of sh! t.
My idea was to cut through the crap. But he is so full of himself he could not stay inflated as he is without all of it inside. Your typical hollow man. All ego, pride, 'face' and money.

So it is useless to argue with a parody of a man.

My first impression. Too bad. If he would just drop the crap, and accept himself as a human being, he would then just be a prig, not an insufferable prig full of it.
Tpreavs - you have shown your true colors my friend. Little man whose strength is only from behind a computer screen. Please go waste someone else's time with your useless answers...and members have wondered what has happened to this site ? is your proof, right here, when all I asked was for a suggestion on a power cord.....any time pal, any time
You were given a suggestion as to why it was difficult to answer your question. YOU responded in an insulting way. Tpreaves did not start the fight YOU did.
I defended Tpreaves, and made a clear statement about what was actually needed to give you a good answer to yout question. A realistic request to state what you were looking for in a new powercord. No, No answer to that, because YOU DO NOT KNOW.
As i wrote, thus you want some magical response, which will somehow fulfull your desires?
Hogwash. that is a Las Vegas crapshoot. Your response shows you have no ability to think on your feet. You make vague threats, as if you are used to being able to harm people around you who do not do what you like.

You are a small self important prig, with a really big problem up your arse. Whether is is actuaally shit, or some stick you mommy and daddy stuck up there 30 years ago, i do not know. All I CAN say is you should try hard to remove the blockage, as it impedes your ability to be a human being.
Good Grief!!
.....Mr Tpreaves, thank you for your compliment as I will accept your character praise. Shame on me for thinking any less of you even after your rant, as I see where you must be of some intelligence to realize that you are making a total fool of yourself. This case has closed - you lost again
Sorry Rok2id, some people just really piss me off.
And it is a good catfight anyway hey?
....Ms Eliabeth ...good for you, and happy listening. I did not start a fight as you call it with Mr. Tpreaves.....I will finish it though, he added nothing and again - all I was looking for was some suggstions.....this has escalated into character accusations from people I don't even care to know....I am a muscian for fun and have been playing for years ... have been in recording studios.... I have not claimed here or anywhere else to know everything about audio ....I do know some things ...and I do know what I am doing. All I wanted was a couple of ideas from people who own Classe .....and if I wanted Classe monoblocs I would bought Classe monoblocs...I rest my case again
'Sorry Rok2id, some people just really piss me off.
And it is a good catfight anyway hey?'

hahahahaha I was stunned! Don't be sorry. It was a great fight. Remind me to never piss you off! I still say you are the best contributor on Audiogon.
These questions of what is the best are not stupid . Someone who owns said amp and has tried different power cords can advise to what they heard . Some info is better than nothing . These people who have their system set and are never looking at changing anything are real audio pros . Maybe spend less time replying to questions you think are worthless and just go listen to some music.
......Maplegrovemusic, thank you as that's all I was looking for. ''Hey - try the new Elrods they are great on Classe gear, the new Shunyata cords also work well on the CA 2300''...that's all I was looking for and you see what ensued from there. What happened to this site ????
I echo the Elrod's. They seem to perform great on everything I've put them on.

Very balanced and dynamic.
Great extension top and bottom with plenty of attack.

Also very open soundstage and pinpoint focus on imaging.

I like there older Signature 2's and 3's. 2's for the sourse and 3's for the amp. Either can be had for around $500 used here on Agon.

Just my 2 cents worth.
I am shocked by the rudeness demonstrated by some posters in this thread. They cannot be proud of what they have written for all the world to read. Very poor form.

Being a member and poster for years, I'll say that there are some forum members here who can be counted on to not care about being friendly, congenial or cordial. These members will often and very easily show you their bad side. Best to ignore them; but it's very hard to do. It's too bad since there ars so few of us that care about all this stuff. We are a tiny segment of the population. will see I was the origional poster with a simple question. I too have been on this site for almost 13 years now and feel responsible for the conduct and the unfortunate direction of this thread....I could have just let it go. However, as noted, it seems that everytime I post a thread, there is always that group who not only do they not answer the original poster's question, but feel compelled to use it as their own fourm for they have or want or what you should buy......I chalk it up to human nature and believe that's why Facebook was created. But there are others who come in on a regular basis and snipe the poster - add nothing to the thread and never add anything positive. I have also noticed that this is the same group who answers just about every thread in the same fashion.... I guess I got tired of seeing it again and these people's true colors came out yesterday.....I'm sure they are on to other threads by now. It's a hobby, I love music and Audiogon used to be fun and informative, and like eveything else it changes and you move on. I think I have found a couple of power cords for my amp to listen to.
And now the moralists start seeping from the woodwork. We all have different ways of expressing ourselves given any situation. To condem a poster for stating a passionate opinion because it isn't exactly "how" you wanted to hear it is arrogant. Any thread started is open to any opinion (and they are just opinions) presented in any manner. Many threads could be eliminated if the OP wasn't too lazy to make a couple of phone calls to dealers. Often, threads are simply a search for validation of a (pending) purchase. Get off your high horse of political/moral correctness. If you don't like what's on, change the channel.
...and he huffed and he puffed and he blew ...right ?
I'm not the one who threatened others.
...who did ???
Take this thread and shove it, I'm not gonna look at it no more.
MY problem was i had watched "Ghostbusters" prior to posting.. and had been taken over by the demon "Zuul" for several hours...

That is my excuse.
'I am shocked by the rudeness demonstrated by some posters in this thread'

Me too!!
Simple question and a simple answer. If your budget allows Elrod is one to try on any amp.