Best Power Conditioner under $1,000?

I need to get a power conditioner and I would like to spend $1,000 or less. What is my best bet?
There are a few. The PSAudio is becoming popular, Audio Power Ultra, and the Tice Audio products. Tou should be able to pick up a left over Tice Power Block III for under a thousand for last years model. The PBIII is one of the best.
Generally, unless you live in a place with horrible power problems, you are better off spending the $1000.00 on other things. Most power conditioners hurt as many things as they cure.
I personally spent a considerable amount of time looking for a top performer in power conditioners. I have seen comments that indicate that you would be better off spending your money on other items, this is nothing short of irresponsible if you are buying or own high end equipment. I have recently moved from England to the USA and the quality of the power in the US is widely known to be of a low standard. Especially compared to English standards. I would not recommend anyone risking their valued system against a power surge or spike. Being a Quality Manager within the electronics industry, I know a thing or two about quality. Ask yourself, if computer rooms in corporate offices, hospitals use power conditioners to protect their equipment, why shouldn't I? This brings me to the power conditioner I selected, it's the Chang Lightspeed ISO9000. It has two sockets for power amps, two digital and a further two analogue sockets. I personally didn't buy this unit as a 'tweak' to improve the sound. I bought it for peace of mind. Living in Nevada, the power supply here is particularly bad, so that's my reason for selcting this hospital graded unit, and it should also be your motivation in selecting a unit, protect your equipment. I will get off my soap-box now.
Try a Pac Super Idos. Though technically not a power conditioner, it will clean up your sound better than anything I have heard to date without any of the nasties introduced by into the system by all power conditioners out there.
The Power Positioner from Richard Gray's Power Company (yes, that's the company's real name) stomps any of the power conditioners recommended here or anywhere else! I've tried dozens of these things over the years, and it ain't even close. Price is $750.00 and well worth it. When you star- cluster them it's even more amazing! If you cannot locate a dealer try Don't throw your money away on expensive line conditioners before you hear this! You'll be sorry.....
Agreat conditioner is the Welborne Labs Gatekeeper. It does not restrict dynamics and does a great job.
For low-current sources, the PS Audio P300 has to be the way to go. The market is flooded with line conditioners, more than anyone can keep up with, but what can you say when the PS Audio produces a "pure" regenerated AC stream? It can be a HUGE upgrade. It will run your transport, DAC, and preamp, for example, and run a steady 150 watts. Money-back 30-day trial. Try it!! Use good AC cords, too.
Your best bet is to put your money on savings account.You cannot get anything really good for under $1000.00.
Mikhail has never heard the Power Positioners. Only $700.00 for one, though two make an even more dramatic improvement. You WILL hear about these in the future. Forget the other stuff. Remember, you first heard about it here!
Richard Gray's Power Company, $750.00, apparently now called "The Power Positioner". Replaced $1450 MIT Z-center in my system. Power Company is actually great on power amps, especially high end amps. And it almost makes NAD listenable. I said almost.
If you get a chance listen to the Blue Circle power conditioners. The BC83.1 has 6 outlets and one filter for each pair of outlets and retails at $490 , the BC85.1 uses double filtering on each pair of outlets and uses Hubbell Hospital grade outlets and plug. Retail of the BC85.1 is $775 and the smaller BC84.1 is a 2 outlet version of the BC85.1and retails at $390. These conditioners do not limit current and can be stacked for even better noise suppresion. You can see more at
Why does Harry Pearson plug his $5K Burrmeister line conditioner into the $800 Custom Power Cord Company Super Power Block Plus and then the Power Block into the wall? Check the lastest T.A.S. under his reference system accessories and you will find it. Good question, I don't know, listen and enjoy.
My vote must be for the Monster HTS2000, for $200, the improvement was very surprising, indeed. For improved results, try a second unit to seperate digital from the power amplifier.
check out PS audio web site and read about the new product called the power plant; this is a very interesting new product.
Under $1000-none If you want to save little bit more, than go for Yamamura Ciabbata. Amazing !!!!
The best for all but the power amp is the Chang Lightspeed 6400 CLZ. I'm still trying ones for my amp.
Last year I compared 6 popular plcs against each other in the $500-1000. range and the VansEvers 83 Reference was the clear winner.I now own a P S Audio P300 which has an edge over plc's.
lihifiguy, do you want to sell your 83? I`am looking for one.