Best power conditioner for record cleaner?

So far, I’m getting best results with a $2,000 Synergistic power cable paired with a PS Audio power regenerator. My vinyl is much cleaner than with the stock cable and monster cable line conditioner. Thoughts.... ?
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Sounds like a troll post to me.
Far from it. Check my history and contributions. I'm just trying to inject a little humor. All in good fun, ya know... Peace and love!
Stop it, you know audiophiles have no sense of humor    😎
I am getting great results with the water I have shipped in from Lourdes as well!🎶💧
San Pelligrino has always been one of the best...
San Pelligrino has always been one of the best...

All those minerals leave a Residue !
They come out dirtier than before they went in !
Your vinyl isn't close to clean unless you have "pasted" your cleaning machine with TC and have it on E mats.  I'm not joking, don't be a naysayer, nonbeliever.  What do you have to lose, they come with a money back guarantee.    
My  priest blessed a gallon jug of Holy Water for me to use for cleaning my records.  Not only do they sound like Heaven, I swear I can hear God's comments in the background telling me how much he digs Pink Floyd.