Best power conditioner for record cleaner?

So far, I’m getting best results with a $2,000 Synergistic power cable paired with a PS Audio power regenerator. My vinyl is much cleaner than with the stock cable and monster cable line conditioner. Thoughts.... ?
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Sounds like a troll post to me.
Far from it. Check my history and contributions. I'm just trying to inject a little humor. All in good fun, ya know... Peace and love!
Stop it, you know audiophiles have no sense of humor    😎
I am getting great results with the water I have shipped in from Lourdes as well!🎶💧
San Pelligrino has always been one of the best...
San Pelligrino has always been one of the best...

All those minerals leave a Residue !
They come out dirtier than before they went in !
Your vinyl isn't close to clean unless you have "pasted" your cleaning machine with TC and have it on E mats.  I'm not joking, don't be a naysayer, nonbeliever.  What do you have to lose, they come with a money back guarantee.    
My  priest blessed a gallon jug of Holy Water for me to use for cleaning my records.  Not only do they sound like Heaven, I swear I can hear God's comments in the background telling me how much he digs Pink Floyd.
It's a scientific fact a higher prices power cord will clean vinyl better than mass produced cords. Recently I hooked up a boutique power cord to my vinyl carbon brush and voila all that ingrained dust just lifted off the vinyl like magic. It did take some effort to get my hair back in place.