best power conditioner for less than 500 buckagroo

Can somebody suggest used power conditioners for < 500 bucks? I would like to use it for Bryston 4BST, Proceed Pre, Jolida CD100. Thanks

I am researching on Richard Grey 400, and Chang Lightspeed 6400. Any other suggestions would be welcomed and appreciated . I would like to get a contioner which will lower the noise floor but not alter my sound. Thanks again.
Not sure what currency the "buckagroo" is, but I might consider a less limiting power conditioner for the amp such as a PS Audio Ultimate Outlet (you'll need the High Current version, I'd think, for the Bryston), which can be had on the used market in excellent shape for around $225-275. Other solutions may limit your dynamics when used on the amp. Do you have a power problem in your area (does you system sound significantly better at night than during the day)? If not, perhaps dedicated lines with good wires and outlets might be the way to go and can be had for less than $500 by a competent electrician in most applications, like a wood-framed house for instance. It is something to weigh against the power conditioner option. In some cases in may have a greater impact and give you more bang-for-buckagroo!

I cannot (and I'm a big one for great power conditoners) recommend anything for $500. Not even used, but Jax2's suggestion will get you much more for the money than any $500 piece of....$500 should get you all the dedicated lines you'll need to open up your system. Just putting your digital on one and your analog on another is a major step that will give you sonic happiness. I, of course, have my power conditioners and soon to be Audio Magic Eclipse, hooked to dedicated lines, as well. peace, warren

P.S. You might be able to find an Augio Magic Stealth Mini Digital for $500. It would be a killer addition to your system.
OneAc hospital grade line conditioner. You can find them less than $200 (12Amp or higher recommended) used. PowerVar is a cheaper alternative. Both worked better than the Richard Grey unit I had ( In terms of dynamic, pace and sound stage ) for less than half of the price in used market. I also had PS Audio PS 300 and they sounded very clean (and square ) and that's about it.
You might want to consider one of the better offerings of power cords available as "Power Conditioners", if you have not got one already. I have great success with a PS Audio Xstream Statement, less than US$500 and even less used. It has definitely lowered the noise floor, open up the soundstage and has given the music "texture" without sounding harsh.
Good luck.............
You can occasionally find a Tice Powerblock in that range. They are not a good as the latest and greatest highend offerings, but for $500 they are a steal.
I highly recommend an Audioprism Foundation III. You can purchase them used on the 'Gon from time to time for around $350.00.
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again (several other Audiogon members have said it before me, that’s where I got the ideas from) Hook up / wire in / whatever it takes an isolation transformer 2.5 – 5 KVA.(Should run between $125-$400).
It will do wonders for your system beyond belief. Purchase used on Ebay.
See my two-channel system as an example of one way to achieve clean power.
Just my opinion.
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