Best Power Conditioner for HC Amplifier

I heard mix opion on using Power Conditioner with Amplifier. Would anyone recommend the best Power Conditioner for High Current Amplifier?
the richard grey ower will amaze you,your amp will seem like it has more power and control. all other line conditioners will limit current.
No line conditioner should ever be involved with a high current power amplifier. Please refer to Miles Astors vey restrained but negative review of the R.G. Power Company. The fact that something sounds different does not make it necessarily sound better. Any readers who wish to offer a reasoned techincal explination of exacting what the R.G. Power Company device is doing is invited to post and I will be happy to respond with my observations and technical analysis.
Never heard one, but am getting interested after reading the Stereophile Dec 99 and May 2000 reviews of the PS Audio PowerPlants. As an engineer the technical discussions finally appealed to logic over all the other magic boxes.
I'd second the PS Audio device. But for a high current amp, they can get quite pricy. I've got a Sim Audio W-5 powered by the 600 watt version of the PS Power Plant. The sound is better, and I can actually play it louder with the PP than straight from the wall -- Not that I really need to! With Paradigm Studio 100's (90dB sensitivity), the PP starts complaining (as well as my ears and the amp and the speakers) when I hit 105 dB (about 110-115 peak) at the listening position. At the same time, the PP is also driving my transport and preamp/dac, for a total of about 650 watts output (continuous) from the device. Even so, you might need the bigger PP 1200 (1200 watts), or even PP2000, for a heaftier amp with less efficient speakers.
Try the Tice IIIC. It works quite well on the 400 watt subwoofer amps in my Vandersteen 5s. I don't use it on the main amps, as they are battery powered. I did compare the IIIC to the PS Audio P-300 on source equipment and preamp and far preferred the Tice.