Best power conditioner for 4 monoblocks?

I'm using 4 Sim audio W10 monoblocks for my Nearfield acoustic Pipedreams 18 and looking for the power condioner that can control the 4 amps without current limiting. From my own study I come down to 2 choices. The Isotek Titan G2 from England and Torus Power from Canada.
Anybody with experiences on either or both units please comment.
why just 1 conditioner? The best solution is to put in 4 dedicated 20amp lines and run 4 less expensive conditioners. I have 4 shunyata guardian two's on my 4 levinson 436's. each with a dedicated line.
It would be a shame to hear that great setup compromised by any conditioner.

Assuming the 10 amp fuse is close to peak draw for these 750W A/AB amps and you have 4 of them, you'll need 40 amps or nearly 5KVA. In any kind power supply conditioner/isolation that includes a transformer, I recommend doubling that to, at least, 10KVA to prevent starving the amps, fluctuations and mechanical hum.

Aside from Equi=racks and commercial/industrial transformers, I'm not aware of any single device with that capacity.

For myself, I'm using a 5KVA, general purpose, step-down transformer from GE. It is fed 240V from a subpanel with 15A breakers, which gets it's power from a 40A, 8/3 line from the main. It supplies two 400W monoblocks, that draw 5 amps each, with balanced AC (60+/60-). For balanced AC, you have to double up requirements again. A third 1600W bass amp is on a direct circuit on the subpanel.

With that many amps, the complexity can bring all kinds of noise. I haven't been happy with the conditioners I've tried over the years but a big (120 lbs), simple and cheap ($100 used + $150 shipping) isolation tranny did the job.
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Thanks guys for your excellent advices. Starcon I'm sure your solution is ideal but needs too much reconstruction for me to consider. I do the search in PC and believe the two I mentioned are designed specifically for big power amps. The Isotek Titan claims to provide peak power in excess of 20kw while the Torus Power has some very big and heavy models that can provide plenty of peak current. I'm just wondering why they are not mentioned at all in Audiogon forum.
i own the 21 REF corian Pipedreams
for subs a QSC pl9 and 2 monos GP tube OTL amps(550w each) for mid\treble towers
I have 2 dedicated lines from mains entry( one for each channel) each one with a Shynuata Hydra 8... almost perfect...
For the Rockport Sirius and phono pre-amp a PS 6600 powerplant...
Jorge Pacheco
from Portugal
Since my last post, I've switched from Sim audio W10s monoblocks to Mark Levinsons no.33s.The ML33 each has its own regenerating unit inside so that I don't need external PCs. Just to let you know.