Best power conditioner for 300.00

I have a dedicated 20 amp circuit run to a hospital grade outlet for my system. ( Electronics are Krell and Speakers are Dynaudio ) I love the sound but I like to leave the system on and I am a little worried about spikes or surges. So I would like to put something between the outlet and my electronis. I don't feel the need to go crazy because the power is very clean as is. As long as I am going to get surge protection I might as well get a little conditioning. I have looked at Chang Lightspeed , Audio Power, and Tice. I would appreciate any feedback. Thanks in advance- Brett
Brett I am using Chang Lightspeeds with good results. Aside from their conditioning properties, they have large internal MOV's (metal oxide varistor) as well as input & output fusing for transient protection. I don't know about getting that level of high current protection for $300, though, unless you buy used. Their model 3200 ($250) is a 20 amp rated unit with 2 digital filtered & 4 analog filtered outlets which I use for source components. The 30 amp rated model 9900 Amp ($750 w/ floor spikes included) I use mainly for amps of course. Among several others, Chang also offers a nice model 6400 Iso combination unit, which is a Stereophile recommended component & will handle more components (at I believe higher current rating?) so that might be just what you're looking for. They definitely improved my sound even considering that I already have upgrade AC cords & decicated AC line. One thing to note though, is that any of my heavily filtered upgrade AC cords seem to work better straight into the line vs. through the additional Chang filtering, while unfiltered cords do better plugged into the Chang's. Stereophile also recommends the A.P. Power Wedge although I've no experience to share in that regard.
you might try here;
An Audio Power Industries Power Wedge 116 has served me quite well for some time now and would get my personal reccommendation. You should be able to find used units within your price range (as I did). I've contacted API a couple of times with questions and they wer friendly and informative discussions. I have been informed that a possible option, if one simply needs surge protection is to have an electrician install (and I forget the technical name) some type of a surge 'clamp' directly at the fuse box. This would curtail the need to run your equipment through another step in the audio chain and might be the best solution...if it works. I have not heard feedback from anyone who has done this and do not know if it is as effective as traditional MOV based surge protection, but it's probably worth looking into.
I agree that at your price point the Chang or Audio Power are the way to go.
PS: If you can muster a hundred or so more, look at the Blue Circle BC-84 at $390 list; the Blue Circle BC-83 at $490 list; The BC-84 is a higher end product than the BC-83; it is a two outlet conditioner (with Hubbells). Also in that range is the regular (not reference) Vanevers 83, 85, or Unlimiter.
I recently picked up a used Chang 6400 here at Audiogon for $250. I'm quite happy, it improved my sound, and I feel safer.