Best Power Conditioner

Just want to get some feedback on PLCs. I current have a Panamax 1000+ on my home theater system that I like. I've recent built a tube system for strictly music and I'm in the market for a PLC for it. I've recently been looking at Tice, Transparent, Niles, and a few others what does everybody use?
The problem is I don't have any dealers around me except for Panamax and Monster Cable.

Matt Skeen

I used API Power Wedges for years, but a Cinepro Line Balancer has put them into basement storage. It got a foolishly (IMHO) lukewarm Stereophile review that put me off Wes Philips for good, but its basic mode of operation is so good that its superiority to a lot of other AC conditioners should be no surprise. As you may not know, it splits 120V into two 60V "legs", one plus, one minus, and presents 120V to the components with a lot of noise-cancelling insured.
Hands down,PS Audio's 300 Power Plant. Accessory of the Year in Stereophile. Great reviews everywhere. Darker darks,more air,depth,wider soundstage,everything. Best buy I ever made. You can try one in house free for 30 days (minus shipping). Make up your own mind. I have owned Change,Audioprism and Monster PC's and the PS Audio blows them away. Besides Paul McGowan and his company are some of the best people I have ever delt with ( them & Thiel). Give Galen Carol Audio a call he will take good care of you. PS: I do not work for Paul or Galen, they are just good people!) Good Luck!
If the PS Audio is beyond your budget, I would recommend the Vansevers conditioners. Galen Carol Audio carries them also. Other dealers are also listed at There is lots of interesting reading on how AC power affects sound on this site also. Mike Vansevers knows his stuff. You can even call or email the company and talk to him.
If you are looking used, my vote goes to a Seakay Line Rover 1200, one of the best purchases ive made here off Audiogon. It is a parrallel filter which does not current limit, something that I think is important.
I have to 2nd the response on the Cinepro. Especially if your running tube equipement that draws a lot of power. You can plug your ENTIRE system into the Cinepro, including amp or amps. The PS300 is great, but likely won't cover your amp.
If you haven't heard the Foundation Research LC1 and LC2, You have not heard anything yet! I've used Bybees, PS power plants, changs...etc. Check this one out. Made in Canada!
PS Audip Power Plant is the only thing to consider IMO. Backed-up by a 100% money-back guarantee, you can't go wrong by trying one in your system. Best investment that I've made in my hifi.
I have not heard the Cinepro but purchased a Furman unit that does the same thing, chnages your AC into balanced. It is a 20 amp unit that costs about $1600. You can plug your whole system into it. I was very skeptical before trying it but it made a very big difference in my system using CJ tube amps and a Melos tube pre amp.