Best power cables for Jeff Rowland 501 s ???

I have recently reconfigured my reference system to include the Rowland Capri preamp and the Rowland 501 Monos. The speakers are the Dunlavy SC-5s. Right now I'm using the stock power cords that are provided by Rowland out of the box. I'm using the Paul Speltz speakers anti-cables with double run 12 gauge and balanced interconnects. I would really like to find some power cables for the amps that will maximize the 'bass potential of the system' while still maintaining the other positive attributes at a reasonable price point.

All responses are welcome??
I use to own the JR201s and powered them with PS Audio Lab cables to good effect. They were a little warm sounding but provided good solidity and definition to the bass and mid bass. They were distinctly better sounding than the 201s stock cords. The Labs are no longer in production but were highly regarded in their day. They appear on audiogon every now and again at reasonable prices.
The JRDG 501 monos are quite similar to my JRDG 312. I also use a Capri pre. I have tried a few different combinations of cords:

Purist Anniversary -- sounds odd both on Capri and on 312. I like it much better on my X-01 Ltd front end.

Shunyata Anaconda Helix Alpha -- I like it best on Capri. Very transparent and nuanced. I suspect that given Capri consumes only 6W, the lower priced Python version would work as well.

Cardas Golden Reference -- I like it best on the amp. . . for some reason it seems to make things slightly etched wen connected to Capri.

Analysis Plus Oval 2 is often used on JRDG equipment. . . I have heard it several times and it is also quite nice. . . little more energetic than Anaconda and perhaps just very slightly less revealing.

Hope this helps.

Guido, I agree with every comparable that I've heard that you mentioned. Does any of this change when you put Power Factor Correction in front of the Capri?

Before buying the Rowland gear, I had a conversation with Jeff Rowland and he mentioned the Power Factor Correction units being an outboard option for the 501s. Curious if anyone has had any actual experience with the PFC units??
Dave, I have not used PC1 on Capri since last Summer. . . my impression at that time was that PC1 slowed down Capri response and closed in things a little. . . let's remember that Capri draws only 6W. . . perhaps capacitance in PC1 excessive for it? Never the less, I will soon insert PC1 on Capri once again. . . for all I know, my opinion may have changed.

Brauser, I have not tried PC1s on 501 monos, but the Continuum 500 is equivalent to a pair of 501 monos with a 1500W Power Factor Correction front end (something like 2 PC1 devices), and an aditional bank of output bulk capacitors. Dave can comment on its sound as it compares to the 501 monos.

Someday soon I hope to take my Continuum 500 over to Soundings and compare it to the 501 with and w/o PC1 and the 312, but I haven't done it yet. Lacking a direct A/B, all I can say is that they're very much alike. I'm never struck with the feeling of, "oh I wish I had that" when I go from one to another in slightly different systems. Still, in most A/B situations you will hear some slight differences. I'll be glad to report when I can, but I have nothing to add right now.