BEST Power Cable Under $100

I need to replace all of my stock power cables with upgraded better performing cables. Since I have a few cables to replace I would like to keep the price of each cable down below $100. :) Here is a list of my equipment:
  • Preamp--Adcom GFP-750
  • Amp--Bel Canto Evo 200.2
  • Speakers--NHT VT-3's
  • DAC--Perpetual Tech P3A
Thanks for your help. Thomas
Vansevers standard power cords.
At a used price of roughly $90-95, I can really recommend the Wireworld Aurora, especially on the digital stuff and the amp. Standard length is two meters and they are rare on the used market. Good luck
There is a seller on Ebay who has DIYs for $64.00 everyday. I have purchased three (3) of these for my CAL Alpha/Delta and my Copland CTA402. They have made a vast improvement! At the price, they cannot be beat and Matt Kim offers lifetime warranty. Drop me an e-mail at [email protected] and I'll forward you his info.
Another possiblity is DIY Belden cords. I have built a number of these, each cord cost about $20 to make. No soldering or anything like that, very easy to make. I have compared these cords to the $100 LAT International AC-2 and the $200+ TG Audio HSR-i cords. The Beldens are excellent cords, very balanced and smooth sonically, even musical sounding. The LAT cord was brighter than the Beldens but in terms of resolution or soundstaging its a wash. The TG Audio cords are faster, have a bit more detail, more focused soundstaging and have tighter bass. Is the TG Audio cords more than 10 times better than the Beldens? No. Better, but not near ten times better. The DIY Belden cords are beyond a bargain. If you have a tight budget and want a cord under $100, the DIY Belden's should compete with any of them.
Where can I find information on these Belden DIY power cords? How can I order them?
Figuy do you know who makes these $20 cables from Belden? I would be willing to try them out since the price is low enough. Please forward me some information about these cables if you will. [email protected] Camadeco thanks for the information please contact information about the $64 cable to my email. Thanks. Is it the shielding that makes the cable better? How about cryogenically treated cables, are they better sounding?
Ironically the guy Camadeco is recommending makes his cords with the Belden #19364 cordage I am referring to. These cords are very easy to make. There are several places on line and maybe even near you that sells the Belden #19364 cordage by the foot. Try You then need a female IEC conenctor and a AC plug, preferrably a spec grade or hospital grade plug. All connections are made via screw terminals for the stripped wire ends (hot, neutral and ground), no soldering, although you can choose to solder if you wish. That's it. You can add a nice nylon jacket and some heat shrink if you want to get fancy. An AC plug will run you about $8 on up, the IEC about $5 and the Belden cord by the foot is something like a couple bucks a foot if I remember right but don't hold me to that. These cords are excellent. Don't know much about cryogenically treated cords but in general it is the shield and larger conductors that make better cords better than stock cords. That's the basics, power cord design gets more complex beyond that to achieve better performance.