Best power cable for Whest Audio PS30RDT SE

Hello everyOne,
I'm searching for a good power cord to feed my Whest Audio PS30RDT SE.
I tried the Shunyata Venom HC but strangely it cuts air and hights .. maybe too big (10awg)
Any suggestion?

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Thank you for the suggestion linked ..  millercarbon .. unfortunately I need a schuko plug since I live in E.U 
I have found one here in E.U .. millercarbon .. but dunno if it's the same you were referring

Synergistic Research AC Master Coupler -X active shielding power cable schuko and 1,5mt. long 
Perhaps my problem was due to incomplete break in of the Venom HC .. by the way I tried the two Shunyata Delta NR one on the preamp Pass Labs X1 and the other one on the Whest Audio PS30 RDT SE and the Venom HC on the Primare A32 amp.
Now I like the sound result much more than before.