Best power cable for Whest Audio PS30RDT SE

Hello everyOne,
I'm searching for a good power cord to feed my Whest Audio PS30RDT SE.
I tried the Shunyata Venom HC but strangely it cuts air and hights .. maybe too big (10awg)
Any suggestion?

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The gold standard of power cords, the Synergistic Research Master Coupler. The only power cord so freaking good its been made for over 20 years and yet is still competitive with new power cords twice its price. As someone said the last time this came up, "A $1k power cord for $250? What's not to like?"
This is the Reference version
Might be able to find the original Master Coupler, who knows maybe for less although I have seen them for more. They come up all the time. Me, I would strike while the fire is hot.  
I agree with millercarbon's comment above. I'll also say that a 14 gauge power cord would most likely sound better than a 10 or 12 gauge wire.
Thank you for the suggestion linked ..  millercarbon .. unfortunately I need a schuko plug since I live in E.U 
Hunt around. SR has been selling the Master Coupler all over the world for something like 20 years. One's got to pop up eventually.
If you can't wait for that I would go with whatever SR you can find and afford. Unlike most of the stuff out there that is chock full of faults and so has to be carefully matched the stuff from Synergistic seems to be more across the board in terms of working with different components and systems.
I have found one here in E.U .. millercarbon .. but dunno if it's the same you were referring

Synergistic Research AC Master Coupler -X active shielding power cable schuko and 1,5mt. long 
@curio, that is a different, more expensive cable. I have not heard it so I don't know how it compares to the standard looking Synergistic Research Master Coupler which has no X active shielding.
Right. Active Shielding in general is a big step up in everything I've heard it with. The difference with/without Active is not subtle at all. Also the wall wart power supply offers a nice cost-effective upgrade path. Crazy as it sounds you can get a big improvement from replacing a cap and diode in these, a very cheap mod you can DIY or send for mod at about $50. There's a guy on A'gon doing them. Even without doing that though its a shoe-in that this will be a step up from the already legendary Master Coupler. 

Perhaps my problem was due to incomplete break in of the Venom HC .. by the way I tried the two Shunyata Delta NR one on the preamp Pass Labs X1 and the other one on the Whest Audio PS30 RDT SE and the Venom HC on the Primare A32 amp.
Now I like the sound result much more than before.