Best Power Cable for Luxman D-08u SACD player.

Yes, I'm still spinning the  good old "Silver Discs," and still loving every minute of it. 
I just recently purchased a great Luxman D-08u SACD player and would greatly appreciate your thoughts and opinions on what Power Cable would be a good match for it.
Thank you.  
What are your rest of the cables in your system?

There is no ‘best’ cable per se, you will get opinions here based on one’s personal experience and preferences. A good power cable should have no sonic signature, it should be transparent as much possible so you can hear the awesome Luxman player in its full glory.
I have had several systems built around Verastarr cables. Highly recommend them based upon my own experience, plus hearing them at many shows with many different types of associated equipment. Always seem to get great reviews.
Triode Wire Labs Digital American.  That's what I have on my D-05u.
Luxman's cables are supposed to be pretty good.  Based on an enthusiastic reccomendation,  I use Luxman's JPA-15000 power cable with my Marantz SA-10.