Best power cable for levinon no 336?

will be upgrading to the ml 336 running revel studios and was wondering if anyone had any thoughts/experience on the best power cables for this beast....
would also be interested to hear thoughts on speaker cables
No options with the 336, the power cord is fixed. I use Cardas Golden Ref's with B&W Diamond speakers and find the mix just right for my tastes.
you cant switch the cable
I use Synergistic Research cables with my Levinson with excellent results. There is a way to change the powercord on your 336. You will have to cut the powercord off at about 8 inches. Then attach a male IEC connection. Nw you can plug a power cord in! This works very well, I owned a 336 at one time and modified it in this way. You could also remove the cover, find the taps where the current power cable is attached, cut off the end of the power cable you want to use and wire it direct. However I believe the first method would be the best.
Hope this helps!
that may may re-sale difficult
i wonder if swapping out the stock power cord makes such a large differenc in the 336
you would think madrigal would allow it to be swapped if they thought so!
Those are good points, especially about the resale. However all their new amps except the 33h now have detachable powercords. I own 436 amps which are monoblocks in the same powerrange as the 336, and the type of powercords used does make a difference. Some people might be relieved that they can update the powercord if you make the mod.

One could just open the 336, take loose the powercord by unscrewing it from the taps, buy about a foot of 10 guage stranded, flexible wire at Home Depot (I've used this for power cords and it sounds very good), connect it inside the amp, (be sure to note which taps the orginal wires (hot, nuetral, and ground, and draw a picture where they are all connected) , add the male IEC to the other end, and then you can experiment with other powercords to you ears' content. If you decide to sell the amp you can always reattach everything as before and your 336 would be "stock".
I would only attempt this if you have basic wiring skills or a friend familiar with electrical connections. As I recall once you have the cover off the 336, the powercord connections are really straight forward requiring average technical skill, but be sure to sketch the wiring arrangement so there is no doubt where to reattach everything when you get done.

There's lots of snake-oil out there when it comes to cables. Ask yourself what's been run inside your sheet-rock walls, out to the step-down transformer, miles upon miles of "unshielded" KV wiring, through switching yards, all the way back to the generating stations. Where's all this cable technology being utilized there? Can anyone honestly tell me how a three foot aftermarket cable, costing hundreds to thousands of dollars, can make a difference? Oh, and someone with substantial electronics background, including R.F. knowledge.

When my co-workers and I read some of these manufacturing/marketing claims, with each of us having 30 years experience in electronics, just laugh our heads off. Please readers...buyer beware. Find a way to aquire several ot these so-called Audiophile cables, do some kind of blind A-B-C testing, and don't be steered by ego or written claims during audition.
i am wondering if a better investment may be one of the power conditioners
i am considering products from ps audio and the "hydra" series from shunyata

any thoughts on these from users?

There is a current posting regarding your question lower in the forum list. Most amp manufacturers will suggest plugging directly into the AC outlet. Call them directly for technical advice, rather than "conditioner" manufacturers praying on your concerns. Not to say that they couldn't be used for protection of sensitive or low current drawing electronics (preamps, digital players, etc.), but may conflict with recovery timing of amplifier's instantaneous large current swings.

As with all your questions pertaining to aftermarket product equipment/tweaks, ask yourself why and how they could make a substantial difference in audio playback. How much of this so-called "Audiophile" technology does the recording in dustry utilize within their studio equipment? Very few! Just like with anything else, if there's a way to make money off the unsuspecting, maketing strategy goals are to suggest doupt. Just look at all the TV advertisements for medicine, personal hygene products, and the list is endless. Just try to understand what/why they're marketing.
food for thought.......
i see some intrinsic value in the ps audio products
by allegedly regenerating the current using some stored charges- it seems that it would make sense
the current in my house is shitty
i need to address it.
Not to cause a commotion, and I do not claim to know exactly "why" but that last 3 foot of cable does indeed make a difference to your components in systems like you're building. I have heard the differences that power cables can make in a variety of systems at my home and a friends. I have heard cable changes degrade and enhance the sound. Is there some "snake oil" out there in the hobby, "yes" but in my experience many of the tweaks make more than subtle differeneces in your system.
Running a dedicated electrical line to your amp of at least 20 amps will make more of a differnce than the power cord. While your at it, run another line to for your digital gear and one to your preamp if possible. I've found that these tweaks were more profound than any other tweak I've made.
did you just call an electrician to run these lines?
does it involve major construction to run the wires in the walls, etc...
what was the approximate cost involved?
i have been thinking about doing this for some time but lack the knowledge....
thanks in advance
I have a friend who was a linesman for AmerenUE. He gives me advice and help at times. While doing this work is not difficult, it was easier for me because I had an unfinished basement to work with. I'm not sure where your stereo is located in relation to your electrical box, but the new lines have to end up there. Getting the lines to your system in a finished house is problematic but not impossible. You also must have room in your electrical service box to add the lines. If you don't know someone that can help, then I'd consult an electrician for your safety and asthetics.
my junction box is in the garage which is a good 10 feet from my dedicated theater
i will have to find an electrician
thanks for the advice
It should be an easy job for your electrician to handle. You'll really be surprised how good it will sound. Be sure to use at 10 guage wire. You'll want 30 amp circuit for your amp.
thanks sgr
i am going to call this weekend