Best Power Cable for less than $100

Can you please give some options?

By now, I'm considering:

Silnote Poseidon GL
Goldy 10 AWG

the one that came with the unit ..
I have not tried the cords you have on your list; however for less than 100. USD, two good choices are: Signal Power Cords, and Element Power Cords.
Pangea has decent lower priced powercords. All of my IEC cords are Pangea.
You didn't state if you need PCs for multiple components, but Pangea beat the $200 cords I've tried. I followed Elizabeth's advice a while back and went all Pangea for a very low cost.
Amp or source?
Shunyata Venom.
Venom or Pangea are both very good.
A week comparing the Venom to *anything* under $300 should save you quite a bit of money in the long run. If you can't hear much difference, stick with the cheapest aftermarket cord you can find. I suspect the choice will be clear, though.
Supra Lorad.
Have you considered making your own?? There are numerous sources of wire and plugs which you can make to a custom length which has a lot of appeal to me.

I have a few Pangea cords which work well if you don't want to "roll your own".
Wireworld Stratus 7 $99
Straight Wire.
Wireworld stratus 7, on ebay you could get higher model of Wireworld Aurora 7 for 80$ retailed at 140$.
Isotek evo 3 premier.
Easy. One correct answer.
Make your own with 9 guage wire and 2 good ends.
Nothing else will come close for $ answer :)
The MAC HC for $59, now Rite Audio Cables, is very decent. Far better than the Emotiva and Pangea.

Just purchased two of those cables for my powered subs. We'll see what happens when they get here.
Shunyatta Venom..peachtree uses them on there own gear for the shows