best power cable for bryston

Would like some help with power cables for bryston pre's and amp's. I was thinking tara labs anyone have any dealing with this?
I have auditioned a few (but none of the big names such as Whale, Fim, Electraglide, etc.) on my 4B-ST had noticed no appreciable difference. I was willing myself to hear something better but alas I could not. Sometimes I keep things knowing that I have done what I could to maximize my "audio return on investment" but this time I just let my ears decide the supplied cord is still in place...I e-mailed Bryston after the fact and they do not believe that pcs make any difference and recommend using their provided cord.

I distinctly remember reading a post sometime back advising the the Bryston amps worked better without using a power conditioner - have yet to try this so no personal results as of yet. Never tried a pc on a Bryston preamp...Possibly other owners here may offer more assistance.
About a month ago, I responded to a thread on this subject. I have two Bryston amps (4B-ST and 5B-ST). I tried several of the more expensive power cords, and then bought a pair of AudioQuest power cords from HCM Audio that were/are on sale for under $100 apiece. I ordered two of the AQ power cords with upgraded Hubbell hospital-grade male end plus an upgraded IEC plug. I did not / do not hear much difference from the stock Bryston power cord -- and other Bryston owners on this site seems to concur. So, if you want to invest in power cords for your 4B-ST, just to be sure you aren't missing anything, go for one of the more moderately priced cords. I'd start by checking out HCM Audio's Web site (, and clicking on the link for their specials.
I just posted a responce re: a Baron Mesa. I am a big fan of the Custom Power Cords by David Blair. According to his philosophy, the order of upgrading power cords should be in this order: 1) source 2) pre-amp 3) amp. This may seem to be going against conventional wisdom, but since his products have won several T.A.S. Golden Ear awards, I'll believe the man's expertise!