Best power amp for under 1K

I just bought some Cello Legend speakers which broke my budget, so now I need some advice on which power amp to drive these things. I want to buy used (more value for the money) and keep it under $1000. Any recommendations?
musical fidelity 3.2 or 3 will drive ineff.speakers and has good bass ext. they are around six or eight according to unit also there is some linn amps
Forte Model 4a, sweet little 50 wpc Class A biased amp that sounds more powerful than 50 wpc. Should be able to grab one for under $600.
For Tubes Onix SP3 should be able to get a NEW one with 3 year warranty for around 600.00.
Try some Monarchy SE100 monoblock amps. Fantastic sounding amps (but they do run hot). Also you might consider a McCormack DNA-1. (The DNA 0.5 is also available within your price range, and while I haven't heard the 0.5, it is a very well-respected amp.)

I've been looking at Odyssey amps of late.
Good call Jmcgrogan2. I would also suggest a MUSE 100.
The Forte is a quite excellent choice, I would also suggest the McCormack DNA-.5; quite a bit more output and the higher gain architecture may give you more options on the preamp side.
I've had both the Forte and the Mccormacks (o.5 and 1). the 0.5 sounds better if you dont need the extra power. The Forte is very nice sounding, but runs hot (Class A, duh!) and there is no manufacturer support. The McCormacks can be upgraded later when you have the $$ and Steve Mc provides great support through his
A Rotel 991 or 1080 would be on my short list. These are excellent SS amps. You can get the 991 for under 600 and the 1080 for about 700. A Parasound HCA 1500A will also do the job for under 600 bucks. All these amps are well designed and reliable but most importantly they offer excellent sound for the money. There's a 1500A on Agon right now.

If you had the money I'd recommend a hybrid like Blue Circle, AVA or Music Reference. Outstanding sound but not cheap.
Thanks for all of your inputs. Question: why are the Monster Cable amps selling so cheap on E-bay? Are they any good?
Counterpoint SA or NPS series if you like a tube front end with ss output. For all ss, I would start with McCormack DNA series.
Monarchy SE-100 or McCormack DNA-1, after owning botjh I can't pick a clear winner. They are both very good amps for the money. The Monarchy is a little brighter sounding while the McCormack has a little mist to it. Either way you can't loose for the money.
as well as Threshold amps.

Jon Soderberg. Truly the expert/Guru. Famous for his upgrade/modifications as well as preventative maintenance. Soderberg used to be with Threshold and Threshold owned Forte'.

So, you're really covered concerning support for Forte'&Threshold.
A used McCormack DNA125 wouldn't be a bad choice.
I recently purchased a used Balanced Audio Technologies (BAT) VK-200 for right around $1,000. I love it.