Best Power Amp for Sonus Faber EA II

I have a pair of EAII and Wadia 850 CD Player. No preamp needed. What would you recommend for a power amp? My budget is within 15K. Thanks
You should try something with some body and warmth. The EAII's are a tad thin sounding compared to the older original EA's! Tubes would be a good choice, of higher end virtues IMO. These EAII's are easier to drive than the more demanding originals, so tubes should be a good avenue to pursue. Cary, Jadis, VAC, and others make some good offerings at $4k and above. Good Luck
I have EA I's and a Krell KAV 300i. I would certainly recommend you audition something from Krell during your search. The slightly forward Krell sound matches nicely with most models in the SF line. My listening room is roughly 5000 cu. ft. and my Krell fills it with as much volume as I ever want.

I get my best bass with the back 45" from the wall, it's worth experimenting in your listening room. Two more recommendations: replace the solid jumper between the dual posts with some high-quality wire, something silver would be best, and use a double-run of OCOS speaker cable.