Best Power Amp for Adcom GFP 750 Pre?

What is the best matching Power-Amp. for Adcom GFP 750 pre-amplifiers? Thanks.
Do you primarily use it in active or passive mode ? What speakers and sources do you use ? Kind of hard to make suggestions as to what amp when we don't know your listening tastes, efficiency of speakers or the tonal balance of the rest of the system. Sean >
I agree with Sean, however if you plan to use the pramp in the passive mode, the 750 with the Sunfire Signature amp is excellent.
Well I'm a firm believer in sticking with same manufacturers. . .so I say go with and Adcom amp. ..
I used the GFP 750 with a Pass Aleph 3 and it was a great match. Or if you need more power Aleph 2 monos. The GFP 750 IMO sounds a lot more transparent in passive mode. If your speakers are 89db @8ohms efficient you should be able to get plenty of volume with the 30watts per channel Aleph 3.
I have heard the 750 matched with a beefy Mac tube amp.The active mode sounded ok,the passive mode dry amd uninvolving.I would match the 750 with a C.J-55.The 750 needs all the liquidity it can get from an amp.Its just too dry.As far as the Aleph-3 as a match,maybe so but not in the passive mode.You would never get enough volumn and dynamics.The Alepth-3 needs more than unity gain.
I've used the gfp with Sonic Frontiers, AR and mccormack amps. I didn't think it mated well with the AR amplifier. There was quite a difference in sound quality using the preamp verses the CD direct. I recently put one together with the mccormack and find that the system actually sounds better with the preamp (in passive). The active mode isn't bad either, but does lose a little detail. I find that my tuner doesn't have enough oomph (how do you spell oomph?) to drive the passive mode well.
Passive mode works fine with the Aleph 3, I actually owned the combo. with the volume knob at 2 o clock you can drive 91db speakers to 100db or so. Active mode isn't too bad, but I experienced what Johns said as well, you lose a little detail.