best powecords for Quicksilver M60 monoblocs

I love my amps and I am considering switching out the stock powercords. Which aftermarket cords will match up the best to these amps. Some names in my powercord vocabulary include XLO, Harmonic Technology, and Virtual Dynamics. How are these products? What's out there?
I really like the HT fantasy cords, well made , good sound, reasonably priced on the gon. VD can be a good choice if you need to "liven" up a component , however you need lots of space in the back of your components.
I used apair of CPPC model 11 cords on my M60 monos a few years back. Although they did indeed sound good, They are tough to work with as they are very stiff cords. I would perhaps recommend the VD cords also as they will bring out detail and put the soundstage a little more forward. If you want a more recessed sound but very transparent cord, Electraglide Mini Khan Plus is highly recommended.This IMHO
Actually, I think thats CPCC ( C ustom P ower C ord C ompany )