best possible indoor antenna


So, I have a new tuner and I'm looking for the best possible INDOOR antenna, without using some huge whip-type number or deeply ugly rabbit-ear type.

Ideas? I'm totally ignorant on the subject.
I always liked and used a t.v antenna set up in the attick of my home.Can easily be done using pulleys or wired rotor.
You can also just find the optimum position for the stations you listen to and leave it right there! No wind problems or roof hanging problems and works just as well drawing stations.
the only fm antenna i have used is a whip type, the is made to be used either indoors or out. the antenna can easily be placed out of the way (in the floor joists, in a corner or in the attic). it's a great antenna, occasionally they come up used......don
Does it matter whether you use the Dynalab horizontally or vertically?

And, what about those "powered" antennae? Is that largely BS? The Dynalab is a hundred bucks (not bad, in the high-end world!), but there are a zillion even more discrete units out there for much less.
Dyna-lab whip is omni-directional when vertical, highly directional when horizontal.
There's been two discussions on this in the last couple a search...
I recently purchased the GODAR GIA and was totally amazed at how much better it was at pulling in weak signals from previously unlistenable stations. List price is $65 or so, but it can be purchased at CCRANE.COM for $55 shipped. By the way, I have absolutely no connection with either company.
The best indoor antenna I ever used, other than the TV antenna in the attic, was the Day Sequerra indoor antenna, easily besting everything else I tried. It wasn't as good as the attic-mounted Antenna or in the same league as the roof-mounted one I eventually got. But if you're in an apartment and have no other option, and can find one used, it was the best I ever found for that application.
You can check ebay for the larger Godar unit. There's a constant stream of them that sell for $49-$70. List price is $130. The smaller Godar can be had for $49.95 at Parts Express, other sites have them for $59.95. The FM Reflect (do a search on the site) is also an option that folks seem to think works well.
If you have room in the attic or want to set up an exterior antenna - go to - click on the outdoor antenna window - You will see the ASP-9B - I use this in my shop - tied to a rotator they sell - unbeleavable receptation. This can sit upside down in you attic if you have room. You will have to run coax - RG6 quad shield from the antyenna to you tuner. If you turner doen not have a 75ohm connection you will need a balum to go from 300 ohm. This may seem like a lot of work, but I live in the SF Bay area - some great stations with lots of hills. Never a problem with reception since.

The guys actually make this unit and the quality is 1st class. They even make a larger unit that must be roof mounted.

Hope this helps - Bruce
Might not be quite in the same league with some of the more expensive antennea, but Rat Shack has an FM-only 70" outdoor antenna ($23!!)that may fit nicely in your attic. Because it's not that big, it's not that directional. (Generally, the larger a boom antenna is, the more directional it is.) DO NOT get a combo TV-FM antenna if you want to maximize performance as the TV portion can interfere with the FM portion.

My experience is limited but, when I investigated it, my next choice was the ASP-9, but it would likely require a rotor.
Magnum Dynalab Ribbon antenna works very well. Godar also is a good choice.
Set up a room aerial inside your attic, if you can. It sounds like you don't want the hassle of mounting it to your roof (or maybe you can't if this is a condo, or you're renting the house). But the attic is close in performance to the roof, and no indoor aerial in our listening room is probably going to touch a attic or roof mounted aerial. Radio Shack used to have a FM aerial for $20 that you could use. On the upside, there will be no ugly aerial visible from your room or from the outside.

happy hunting!