Best portable rig?

What's the best portable rig out there? I travel for months at a time, so I don't need absolute portability, but racks of 17" equipment doesn't cut it either.

It needs to link into a laptop (USB or straight mini-plug), hit 50hz and be as small as possible. The systems I've come up with so far use a Clari-T amp or Flying Mole with either Totem Mites, PMC DB1 or Penaudio Rebel.

Take your best shot!
I bought a ZVOX to hook up to my TV a couple of months ago and I'm pleased. I don't care much about home theater so I figured this might be a decent/cheap solution for movies; it works well. Not true stereo, but it does a good job of faking it. The drivers look like they are a quality product. I would think it might be suitable for a portable rig. I think it was designed for computers or Ipods.
Onkyo CS 210 paired with Mites and breakdown Sanus 24" stands works quite well as my travel rig. Been on the road for 6 1/2 years. Also used NAD L 40, Linn Classik with various speakers. Signal Cable makes a great mini-jack with RCA ends.
Shure E3 earphones.
All sounds good - yes, earphones, of course.

The defunct Evett and Shaw were the smallest speakers I know of that hit deep bass. Are they still making those things or is someone out there making something that has that kind of extension in such a small package?