Best portable for FM?


I work in a P.O. where the reception is not-so-good for a FM radio station I like to listen to. Any recommendations for a radio? I am kind of leaning towards the Kaito 1103 after a little bit of research, but am open to other suggestions. Don't want to spend too much for one (no more than $100). Thanks for your help!
If you have wireless internet access, buy an internet radio and never worry about reception again.

Also, most smart phones have radio apps that run on either data or wireless internet but you would need ear plugs.
Thanks for the info, but unfortunately I don't have wireless internet access at work nor do I have a smart phone (I have heard of iheartradio, though -- use it on my kindle fire at home).
Depending on the construction of the building & what type of machinery may be there (any computers?) you may have issues, meaning limited reception. I know of some people who had to resort to satellite radio with an external antenna.
I have the same problem where I work. I can get decent reception is I hold my portable radio just so but as soon as I turn, bend or move it in any way, it buggers out. The same thing happens as soon as something turns on.

I really look forward to listening to certain stations that I'll settle for some really crappy reception but that usually lasts a short time as it's incredibly disturbing, irritating, and maddening.

The only way to solve it was to just settle on listening to my 2nd favorite station, or 3rd, or whichever got the better reception.

All the best,

All the best,
it's not portable per se, you have to plug it in, but the original Tivoli radio (NON-DIGITAL TUNING) is very sensitive - i know, i own one. they USED to go for $99 but the prices have gone up. the fact that i can even get stable STEREO reception without a local/distant switch should say a lot about them. they sound phenomenal too with surprising amount of bass for a 3 inch speaker. they come with a 2-3 foot wire-antenna, but you can easily improve on that without spend much extra if that doesn't work well in your particular location.