Best portable DAC, Phone, and in ear buds for travel or just out and about

Didnt know where to post this so Im posting this here under misc.I have never gotten into head phones but now that I can stream good quality recordings its changing my thoughts. I have used Samsung Galaxy android phones for years and now have a Galaxy A6. I would buy an Apple of thats whats needed just for music. Im not tryig to start an IOS against Android war here I just need some advice and Id like to be under 500 for everything. I ride my bike a lot and would love quality jamz for my rides let alone just out and about. I have been looking at the IFI x Dsd, the Chord Mojo and Centrance just sent me an email saying they are coming out with the Bomb portable DAC AMP. Id like to hear from peeps that have real word exp with this kind of portable setup and what sounds like real HIFI. Im not gonna full cans and probably end up with Cardas or cheap HIFI man in ear buds. I need it to be somewhat portable aka fit in my cargo shorts side pocket and last for 6 hours plus streaming Tidal on on my phone. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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For that kind of use I think you will notice the difference between the phones a lot more than the source. Main choice you have to make is do you want to be able to hear your surroundings, which can be important if by bike you mean bicycle, or shut them out which you would probably want more if bike means motorcycle. I don't do lo-fi so can't help you with buds but when it comes to quality IEMs the Shure SE535 is kind of a gold standard, the IEM equivalent of the Sennheiser HD650. The SE535 seals you off with something like 20 dB isolation. They will also eat up almost all your budget. Which is fine, because all you need with them is a little old iPod. They come with a pretty nice case that depending on which iPod you get the whole thing phones and iPod will fit.
Well I just bought a Chord Mojo and Cardas EM5813 Model 1 Earbuds from Audio Advisor both were on deal and the salesman says its about as good as gets with either an Iphone or Android. Should be a good 6 to 8 hours without a recharge. We shall see. They both have great reviews so Im kinda excited to be able to blank out humanity when Im shopping or on a bike ride. Haha. And Thank you especially Millercarbon you have always have detailed, knowledgeable, and thoughtful responses. Happy early Fourth of July to ya!

PS the Cardas Ear buds are half off right now. So it was a lil over budget but looks to be a killer deal. And they swear by their 30 day happiness guarantee. 
I had enjoyed using SoundMAGIC E11C while out of town for 3 weeks on May using Galaxy Note 4. 

After being back to my home, I had it connected it to my Chord Dave and Mscaler.

Wow it sounds wonderful with neutral balance, treble and dynamics.

This one is a best buy earbud.
For $70 the Fiio BRT3 is amazing. Bluetooth only, but it is one of the best sounding portable DAC/Amps I've ever heard.

With the right source it can have an amazing mid/treble liquidity I've only heard before on the Pono. 
I also think the lg v30 or v40 cell phones are excellent for audio. 
I have the LG V30. The BTR3 actually sounds much better, with the right sources.
I’m using AudioQuest DragonFly Black 1.5 sounds very good to my ears. Great soundstage good treble and bass and it’s really portable.
BTW it also unfolds MQA files.