Best player with quad 12L active monitors

I need a player that has the "volume control??" so i can connect it directly to the speakers. My budget is around $500-600 range. I would prefer used so i can get the most for my money and if possible one that could also play dvd's. Is what im trying to do a good idea? any and all help would be very much appreacted.
I'm sure there are more, but I'm only aware of one DVD/CD player that has variable volume via remote and that is the Cary DVD-6. It is $1000 minimum used.

I've personally owned several CD players with remote controlled variable volume. None of them are yet in your price range. Here is my list:

Theta Miles (balanced version)
Resolution Audio Opus 21
Quad 99 CDP

Of these, I think the Quad is the best value and it can be found for about $900-$1000 used. It also has 6 digital inputs, so you can use its excellent 24bit/192khz DAC with an inexpensive DVD player and use its integrated volume control. The Quad is the "value King" IMHO.