Best player of SACD's and HDCD's

I'm thinking of upgrading my Sony C222ES SACD player that's been moded by, and getting somthing that plays SACD's in 5.1 and 2 channel as well as decoding HDCD's. Anyone have any recommendations? Price, Somewhere between $1,000. to $2,000. I think I should be able to do fairly well, especially if the ~ $2,000 buys something used for that ammount.
Thanks for your input...
I looked around and can't find an SACD player that decodes HDCD. I assumed that the Music Hall Maverick ($1500) would, but the web site doesn't say that it does, so I'm assuming that it doesn't.
I also have the SACDmods modified C222ES. I'm extremely happy with it. Not so for you?

I can't recall seeing an SACD player that decodes HDCD honestly. But, if you want an SACD player, move up the Sony line to a xa9000es or a used xa777es. Both are excellent players of SACD multi-channel (the 9000 a touch better with multi-channel)
The Lindermann and Classe decode both,but now your talking $8,000 and $12,000 respectively.Gary.
Just read the post again,neither of the players I mentioned are 5.1(only stereo).
The displays on the Denon 3910 and 2910 show "HDCD" but I am not sure that they do decode HDCD. Sometimes the display layout is kept identical between models for economies of scale (cheaper production) so you want to verify this. I'm quite sure that Denon's model 5900 did in fact decode HDCD and they can be found well within your budget.
Denon DVD-3910.
Yes I'm happy with the C222ES, but it doesn't decode HDCD, and I have many more of those than SACD. So, with an eye towards the continual evolution of my system... I'm looking :-)
Thanks Rgd,
I'll check out the Denon. I've probably got a dealer somewhere around that I might be able to call later today as well.

The Denon 3910 decodes HDCD, also the 5900, not sure about the 2910, but the 2900 does noy.