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Hello to all. Forgive me if this is not the right topic for this discussion. I stream music quite a bit, and am using Spotify which my daughters gave me as part of a family plan. Right now , I am using my phone or iPad  for Spotify. I would like to use a dedicated "device." I would like to know some pros or cons to the following devices I am considering:  Sonos or Paradigm PW or Blusound Node 2.  If there are any other ideas you have that would be great. I am using a seperate amplifier and pre amp which are older and so does not have Spotify connect built in. Thankx,


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I use an Ayre Codex DAC with my Bluesound Node (first version).
The Bluesound DAC isn't bad, but it isn't great. Using the Ayre Codex gives me the best of both worlds.
Are you playing through speakers or headphones?
Yup, I use an optical cable from the Node to the Ayre, Balanced to the amp (AX-7e).
I was using a Schiit Gungnir (non-multibit). The Schiit was good, the Ayre was better. I may opt to upgrade the Gungy in the future.
BTW, Arthurd, I feel that DAC's and streamers have a long way to go, so I buy the best sounding units, from companies that offer future upgrades. In my opinion, I consider the fact that technology will be render many of these products obsolete after a year or two. So, spending more than $2-3K on such devices is not the way to go. (Actually, I buy used, so I save a bit more).