Best player for $5000 ?

I'm listening to a Talk 6 player and I cannot imagine how any player could sound better. I am so impressed that I'm curious what others are using at this price point. I personally have not heard a better player regargless price. My Talk 6 seems to match well with my Pass gear. What are others using and has anyone else yet been fortunate to be listening to the Talk 6? My previous player was the Talk 3.1b and it was nice but the 6 is amazing. To be able to introduce a player like the Talk 6 to my system at this point is something I under normal circumstances would only day dream about but I'm listening to one now. I must reccommend anyone considering a new cd player, just cd's no other formats, would do well to give this player an audition. Believe me when I can honestly say customer support on this product is not only satisfactory but stellar well way beyond what is the norm. Talk is a relatively new company but with awesome products The guys at USA hifi made it possible for me to enjoy the 3.1b and Talk themselves has made it possible for me to enjoy their new player. I know it will be a hit which is why I am having fun writing this post.