Best platform for Rega 25

Any recommendation for the best base/platform to use for a Rega 25 turntable? It is sitting on a Vantage Point Contour stand.
I have a sand filled welded tripod spiked on the top and bottom, then on the top of that I have a concrete slab patio block then a "floatie" type inner tube between that and a 1.5 inch thick piece of screwed, glued particle board and the Rega 25 sits on that. I like it.
What you have is probably very good.I read vibrapods work well as an addition. I have a wall mount shelf with a 50 lb concrete slab with a Bright Star Audio Big Rock 4 on top of the slab.It works great but Im always worried the 50 lb slab is going to crash down and destroy all my stereo gear below it!Need be I will throw myself under the falling slab to save my electronics.
Dave says "Need be I will throw myself under the falling slab to save my electronics.".. . . hehehehe.... back when I was getting into the home theater thing, I had my rears held to the ceiling by a spring tension curtain rod. You know, while I was tweaking. I would have made a decision sooner, had I known that my clumsy brother would come over, fall backwards in his chair, into the tension rod. Well, a few stiches later, we decided speakers should stay within 2 feet of the floor :) Anyway, regarding the support of Rega's, the English have a little different interpretation of physics than the Americans... surprise... Linn and Rega tend to recommend LIGHT but RIGID structures for their tables. I suppose the Rega design itself suggests that train of thought. Not familiar with the Vantage Point, but Linn recommends a fully welded but light structure, not filled, but painted thickly. For what ever that's worth.