Best places to find records on Chicago

Hi Guys -

As I eagerly await the arrival of my first turntable I now am curious as to where I'll be able to locate LP's in or around the Chicagoland area. I have a couple of names like Reckless records, Jazz Record Mart, and Remember when records. Thats about it, are there many others around here?? I am curious also if I will be able to find newer releases on vinyl, I hope at least I will be able to find some. Thanks everyone for your input in advance.

Try Vintage Vinyl up in Evanston. There is also Threshold Music in Orland Park. Neither place is cheap though... :( Sean
Try Val's Halla in Oak Park. It has been a few years sence
I have been there, but Val had both new and used vinyl at a reasonable price the last time I was in the shop. Also check out her shrine to Elvis. It was featured on wild Chicago a few years back.
There's a Reckless in Evanston, one at Broadway and Belmont, and one on Milwaukee Ave in Bucktown.

Record Emporium on Paulina (near Lincoln).

Hi-Fi Records,Second Hand Tunes, and Audio Video Beat are all on Clark between Fullerton and Diversey.

Laurie's Planet of Sound at Lincoln and Leland.

Record Roundup on Montrose, near Damen.

There are also some used book stores that carry a few, but not enough to make it worth the trip.
A great source for NEW LP's is Music Direct. Excellent selection, discounted prices, good folks!
URL is
You might try Jerry Canter, the Classical Collector, in Evanston, at 847-864-3981. He has a website too. He sells by mail, but might agree to a pickup.
Thanks everyone, your help is greatly appreciated!

Hi: This link won't help you much for finding LP's in Chicago, but if you get serious about collecting vinyl, this site is the MOTHER of all LP-related sites:

The link is located, of all places, in Finland, but there's a lot of great info for US sites.

Best - Scott
If you are buying oldies, forget stores and stick with ebay. I've recently completed my 30 year quest to replace long-lost favorites and found them all on the web, in absolutely pristine condition, and most for chump change! Somebody pinch me!!! Now if I can just find "Johnathan Dawson Winter III" on CD for less than $75 (are you listening MFSL-II?)...
Vintage Vinyl has an excellent selection, in excellent condition, but very pricy. I just went to Dr. Wax in Evanston and found some very good albums for much better prices.

I think these should keep me busy for awhile, thanks again everyone! One more thing while we are talking vinyl, who do you think has the best available inventory of new music on LP's? I love the older stuff but I would like to know where I can get my hands on some new music as well. Every place I look seems to have a very small handfull of either obscure new LP's and very few better known artists like - Tori Amos, Diana Krall, Patrica Barber - I do know where to find her releases though :) Or maybe its wishfull thinking to believe I will be able to find a large number of newer releases on vinyl. I realize I may just be ignorant about the availabilty of new LP releases because I am so used to buying compact disks. Again thank you everyone for your help.


Toad Hall in Rockford Ill,used records and books in an old factory building...Don't have address,in downtown near river
I thought of two more...

Raffe's Record Riot on Cicero (just south of Montrose).

Broadway Records on Briar (just west of Broadway)
I'm not telling, he he! I got a complete Time-Life Big Bands collection (30 double albums, 28 factory sealed , all new, 1/2 speed mastered)for less than $100!!!

Actually, I dont' remember the's in the West Suburbs, in Arlington Heights or vicinity (Golf Road, that is). The owner is an old man who claims to have started the Phonolog...
Now thats not a very nice thing to do :) If you would happen to remember what the name of that shop is I would very much appreciate the update. I'll ask around the Chicago vinyl shops though and see if anyone there might know what shop it is you are talking about. But it is the thought that counts, so thanks!

Get a phone directory, area code 847, Arlington Heights.

It's on Golf road, one quarter mile east of Rt 83 on the right hand side past the McDonald's that's being reconstructed. It's really close to where I live, so I drive past it sometimes.

Awesome store...most stuff I've gotten is brand new!

That's why I bought a Technics 1200! Lots of 45s, DJ records, oldies, jazz...
Thanks for the update, I'll definitely go up to Arlington Heights and hunt that place down. From what it sounds like it will be worth the effort!

I've bought there over 150 albums already...
I don't remember what that place is called either, but it's Des Plaines (the edge...very near Mt Prospect), not Arlington Heights.
Hey guys, I just picked up 14 records at the Reckless Records on N. Broadway. I plan on hitting the other two locations soon as the records I found at the first Reckless are really great. Found some excellent blues and some newer releases as well, no complaints about the prices either.

Just went to Surplus Records in Des Plaines. Very good selection, very good prices on most.