Best Placement - CT-1E

I am re-assembling my rig after some renovations. I have two pairs of IC's for placement decision: the HF CT-1E's and JPS Aluminata. One pair from DAC to Wyetech Opal pre, one pair frompre to Krell FPB 300cx power amp.

Peviously, had HF's from DAC to pre; JPS from pre to power amp, and sounded grand. Should I swap them? Yes, I know I can listen, but I am asking for your thoughts. Swapping cable placement is such a huge hassle in confined space.




If you don't try it to see for yourself, will wondering about what might be eat at you?

Since they have both been out of your system for some time
you may also find that the entire system will sound different
than you remember. IMO, you will need to give everything a
good several weeks to get yourself re-acquainted. Then make
cable changes once your ears have adjusted to the new set-up.

Either cable is likely to sound better in one position vs
another, only you can decide which sounds best to you!
Thanks, guys.
Tom6897, sound advice (pun intended). I will wait 2 weeks.

Krell Man, there are so many other things eating at me, the cables will have to wait in line. Got kids? Then you know what I mean. Cheers.

Hi Neal,
Also remember that when interconnects have there location changed many times there is a settle in period before they will reveal there true sound. From comments I've read from others, and what Rick says, this seems to be especially true of the HF CT-1E's.
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The CT-1E and those cables further up the line do not like to be shifted around. They need time to settle. The standard CT-1 is fine.

From my standpoint, it is ALWAYS worth the hassle experimenting with cable placement and with new cables. And I will do so here -- though I have to grit my teeth before crawling behind the big rig.

I have found that the HF cables work best the higher up the source chain. So in your instance i would place the CT 1e between your dac and pre. Also as an experiment use one of the CT 1e as your digital cable, presuming you have rca to rca connection between transport and dac.

For my part, having previously run Aluminata's, altho not in concert with the HF CT-1's which I acquired much later, my money would be on the order of placement as you currently have it.

I would be most interested however in your impressions of the two cables in comparison.

I asked this question of Rick Schultz and he said that the nearer position to the source the better effect from his cables. I use his CT-1 Ultimate cable from transport to DAC and it has been truly stellar in that location.
Thanks to all. When I swap the JPS Aluminata I will report results.

All that I can say is that the further you go up the HFC lines, the longer it takes for everything to settle down after any motion in the cables. The HFC Ultimate References are a nightmare for reviewers, usually an A/B comparison has to be long term, namely over night. Mind you I love the cables, but my life is greatly complicated by this cost of using them.

You have my deep and abiding sympathy! I have enough trouble settling myself down, let alone my cables.