Best place to source obsolete parts?

I'm working on repairing a tuner that uses a LM1865N and a LM4500AN. I suspect either or both might be bad. I can't find anyone who sells these. Anyone have any leads on good obsolete parts places? Thanks.
A good way is to Google the part number and maybe a couple key words if you get too many unrelated hits.

A lot of people post their available parts lists, which Google usually finds.
I tried Google and I found a few places that only deal in large quantities. I did find a place over in Japan but the website is a real chore even using Googles translator.
Did you ask them if they would sell just a few ???
I find the answer is many times yes..

I work in the component industry, many times if you tell the company the part is for testing they will send you a sample part...shoot me a line if you still have trouble
What about Digi-Key?

Curious what tuner it is. If it is a vintage tuner like a Pioneer, Kenwood, Yamaha, etc. you might be able to ask for help over on Or, what about buying a parts unit from Ebay?

Good luck.
I've bought some other parts from Newark (digkey didn't have what I needed).

I've got a few more feelers out to see if someone will sell me a few pieces.

The tuner is the B&K TS-108
You also try the Tuner discussion group over at Yahoo.

This Yahoo group is moderated by the same guys that run The Tuner Information Center.

Good Luck...