Best place to source obsolete parts?

I'm working on repairing a tuner that uses a LM1865N and a LM4500AN. I suspect either or both might be bad. I can't find anyone who sells these. Anyone have any leads on good obsolete parts places? Thanks.
A good way is to Google the part number and maybe a couple key words if you get too many unrelated hits.

A lot of people post their available parts lists, which Google usually finds.
I tried Google and I found a few places that only deal in large quantities. I did find a place over in Japan but the website is a real chore even using Googles translator.
Did you ask them if they would sell just a few ???
I find the answer is many times yes..

I work in the component industry, many times if you tell the company the part is for testing they will send you a sample part...shoot me a line if you still have trouble
What about Digi-Key?

Curious what tuner it is. If it is a vintage tuner like a Pioneer, Kenwood, Yamaha, etc. you might be able to ask for help over on Or, what about buying a parts unit from Ebay?

Good luck.
I've bought some other parts from Newark (digkey didn't have what I needed).

I've got a few more feelers out to see if someone will sell me a few pieces.

The tuner is the B&K TS-108
You also try the Tuner discussion group over at Yahoo.

This Yahoo group is moderated by the same guys that run The Tuner Information Center.

Good Luck...
Nice work Sugarbrie,we appreciate your time and energy as usual,Bob