Best place to service vintage Audio Reference amps

I’m thinking of have a full service for my Audio Research Classic 60. 

I’ve already replaced the main caps and a full new set of tubes. But I want a full check up now. 

Other than ARC themselves who is a good timely shop you can suggest?
why would you not send it to the company that made it and would be able to fix anything that might / could be wrong with it ?           

have read to many horror stories where somebody tries to save a few dollars and looks for an alternative on something and next thing you know, the piece of equipment doesnt work like it should or is a million pieces and cant be fixed now.

Well there must be authorized repairs services for the older gear.  I was asking hoping to hear some personal experience with qualified shops. 
there are vintage audio places......just use google and type in                     " vintage audio repair "  ....and then contact them and see if they can work on the equipment you have.

You can check with Audio Research and see if they have any authorized repair shops near you.