Best place to sell an amp.

Not sure if this is a fair question to ask here, but I want to sell my Harmon Karden Citation V with the Jim Mcshane modifications. 

Do I list it here? On ebay, on Reverb? Ebay seems expensive, I sold something in here and the buyer beat me up about the price for over an hour. That was exhausting :). Never tried reverb. Thoughts?
IME, lots of low ballers and scammers on Craigslist. Had a $400 item, was offered $50. 
Also listed an expensive item and got a form letter response from a dealer... "we buy anything."

US Audiomart is free and I have very good interactions with members.

I agree, CL has a lot of 'Bottom Feeders'. 
 US Audiomart seems to have a lot too, at least from my perspective.

I have a super clean, very nice Rogue Audio Atlas Magnum tube amp with pictures listed over there for well over a year now.

I seem to get the same type of responses as I do from CL.

People low ball me, ask all kinds of questions, ask for additional pictures etc etc... knowing full well they really have no intention on following through with a purchase.

To some, it`s just a game.
"As for the past experience with the Audiogon buyer, he came to my office offered hundreds less then what I was selling the amp for, and just kept at me for every $5 increment. Nothing wrong with that really but it was annoying."

First mistake is giving someone any personal information. That buyer was a fine example of a CREEP. I would have loved to tell a guy like that where to go with his money.People can be so....entitled and plain weird.

I've never had a problem here or AA. Be firm with your price,polite and say No If you're not getting what YOU want,wherever you do place your ad.
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Well I understand how tough you folks are. :() But the fact of the matter is I 1.prefer people pick up stuff as I hate boxing it up and shipping it, especially, shipping tube amps and turntables worries me. 2. I find it hard to be dismissive of folks and, though I’ve been know to be rude:) I actually try to treat people in a deal as I would want to be treated. And last but not least 3. I often sell things that sit around with me for a while making me wonder, will I ever sell this. So I am motivated to get it out of here.