Best place to sell an amp.

Not sure if this is a fair question to ask here, but I want to sell my Harmon Karden Citation V with the Jim Mcshane modifications. 

Do I list it here? On ebay, on Reverb? Ebay seems expensive, I sold something in here and the buyer beat me up about the price for over an hour. That was exhausting :). Never tried reverb. Thoughts?
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I’ve had good experiences on US Audio Mart. Highly recommended.

And give Audiogon another try. Don’t get involved with any buyers trying to lowball you.

How do you get "beat up " about the price ?
You list your item for a price . you check the box to accept offers or not . If you do accept offers, then the buyer makes an offer.. you either accept ,decline or counteroffer. Most people decide before they list what there lowest price that they will sell for , or at least have it in mind. If you do not like what they want to pay ,then you can ignore them or tell them what you will take...??
There’s beat up and there’s reasonable offers. You can’t let offers offend you. Politely decline. When it’s the half eaten sandwich and uncle Becky’s boxer shorts in trade, is when it gets annoying. Build in your haggle price to acceptable sale price and say open to offers. Most want the illusion of a deal even if it was a fair price. Be ok with the lowball offer. Just chuckle and enjoy the no. 
@viridian I second CL.  Nothing beats having someone see and hear what you are selling.  No disappointments, no trickery, cash into your hand.
Thanks everyone for your comments. Maybe with stereo stuff it's different but I tried to sell some furniture on Craigslist and the there were hordes of scammers with all sorts of stores that must have been so busy because the same ones wrote me on the different pieces I listed.

As for the past experience with the Audiogon buyer, he came to my office offered hundreds less then what I was selling the amp for, and just kept at me for every $5 increment. Nothing wrong with that really but it was annoying.

If I try to distill my question more:
1. Other the craigslist which is free, what are the relative costs to Ebay, Audiogon, US Audio Mart, Reverb?

2. Which place would be best the best place to sell vintage audio stuff that is modded. I understand that is a pretty unanswerable question but perhaps someone might have some insight.

Thank you all!
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+1 on US AudioMart. Sold an amp and pre-amp there in last 6 months. 
US Audiomart....avoid Craig’s list, full of tire kickers and those looking for something for nothing. BTW, I’ve sold on Audio Mart many times. I suggest a full load of photos, showing the packaging too. US Audiomart reminds me of the way Audiogon used to be.

Lately, I sold a six month old pair of 1.7i Maggies, for just a little less than what I paid for them(brand new at Ovation). The buyer(who lived 150 miles North and was my first response) was debating on/balking at ordering a pair, never having heard Magnepans prior. When he saw my ad on Claigslist, he jumped on the chance to hear them. Not one bit of haggling.  Never did list them elsewhere, not wanting to have to ship. That and too many others want too many pieces of one’s pie. eBay even takes a percentage, of whatever you charged for shipping costs. I’ve sold a number of things on AudiogoN, but- not in quite a while. Everyone’s experience will differ, when it comes to selling used stuff, through diverse means.
What cal18 said +1, where-so-ever you decide to list.
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IME, lots of low ballers and scammers on Craigslist. Had a $400 item, was offered $50. 
Also listed an expensive item and got a form letter response from a dealer... "we buy anything."

US Audiomart is free and I have very good interactions with members.

I agree, CL has a lot of 'Bottom Feeders'. 
 US Audiomart seems to have a lot too, at least from my perspective.

I have a super clean, very nice Rogue Audio Atlas Magnum tube amp with pictures listed over there for well over a year now.

I seem to get the same type of responses as I do from CL.

People low ball me, ask all kinds of questions, ask for additional pictures etc etc... knowing full well they really have no intention on following through with a purchase.

To some, it`s just a game.
"As for the past experience with the Audiogon buyer, he came to my office offered hundreds less then what I was selling the amp for, and just kept at me for every $5 increment. Nothing wrong with that really but it was annoying."

First mistake is giving someone any personal information. That buyer was a fine example of a CREEP. I would have loved to tell a guy like that where to go with his money.People can be so....entitled and plain weird.

I've never had a problem here or AA. Be firm with your price,polite and say No If you're not getting what YOU want,wherever you do place your ad.
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Well I understand how tough you folks are. :() But the fact of the matter is I 1.prefer people pick up stuff as I hate boxing it up and shipping it, especially, shipping tube amps and turntables worries me. 2. I find it hard to be dismissive of folks and, though I’ve been know to be rude:) I actually try to treat people in a deal as I would want to be treated. And last but not least 3. I often sell things that sit around with me for a while making me wonder, will I ever sell this. So I am motivated to get it out of here.